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Jacob's guide to Alchemy

Postby Jacob » Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:52 pm

Hi, this is a basic guide to alchemy for beginners.
(first of all, im not too good with alchemy and i may get some things wrong).
The higher your alchemy, the better your potions are, if i wanted to make a resist magic potion, )E.G. Blue thorn + torstal root = Resist magic) My alchemy skill would affect the percentage of magic that is resisted per attack. At the moment, i can make a Home made resist magic potion with the resistance of 117% for 8 turns, my alchemy is preety awful though, its 35 and not a primary skill.
if you wanted to make a potion but you do not know the ingrediants, such as a feather potion, you would need 2 ingredients that one of the properties of them both are feather, E.G. lighten leaves, feather, dispel + spritesbreath flower, restore health, feather = feather potion.
not all potions are like this.

Restore health potion=
Restore health + restore health = restore health potion.
Restore unholy HP potion =
Restore unholy HP + Restore unholy HP = Restore unholy HP potion
Restore mana potion =
restore mana + restore mana + restore mana potion.
Cure plague desease =
mushroom + mushroom = cure plague desease. (mushroom is not the property of an ingredient, it is any ingredient that is a mushroom.)
Cure warrt desease =
Restore health + Resist warrt = cure warrt desease.
Cure paralysis =
Restore health + Resist paralysis = Cure paralysis
Cure poison =
Resist poison + Restore health = Cure poison
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