Booklist - HD version (The Quest + I&F)

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Booklist - HD version (The Quest + I&F)

Postby GlassDeviant » Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:19 am

I've been working on a comprehensive guide/lorebook for the HD version, mainly for my own use in looking up stuff in general, all in one place. One thing I have not seen on the forums is a booklist, so here goes. This only covers the HD game, so it includes just the main game and I&F.

Note that any book with the "Maiden Ventures" prefix in the title seems to not work if you are beyond a certain level in the associated skill, though I don't know what that level might be as I have yet to actually read a single one of the skill books).

Skill Books:

Accuracy - Essentials of the Amazon Arts +5
Accuracy - Savvy Dexterity +8

Alchemy - Primer Book of Fundamental Alchemy +3
Alchemy - Lore of Contagion (for Strong Adepts Only) +3
Alchemy - Master Alchemist's Codex - Book I - Fortification +3
Alchemy - Master Alchemist's Codex - Book II - Healing +3
Alchemy - Master Alchemist's Codex - Book III - Resistance +3
Alchemy - Master Alchemist's Codex - Book IV - Inflorescence of Alchemy +4
Alchemy - Lore of Intoxicating Beverages +4
Alchemy - Lore of the Philosopher's Stone +4
Alchemy - Maiden Steps in Alchemical Arts +5
Alchemy - Art of Extreme Brewing +8

Appraise/Mercantile - Basic Horse Trading Skills +5
Appraise/Mercantile - Sealing the Deal +6
Appraise/Mercantile - Advanced Wheeling and Dealing +8

Attack Magic - Introduction to Onslaught +5
Attack Magic - Magic Onslaught +6
Attack Magic - Magic Blitz +8

Block - Elements of Blocking +5
Block - Advanced Shield Tactics +8

Disarm - Guide to Disarming Traps +5
Disarm - Complex Device Deactivation +8

Dual Wield - Rudiments of Dual Force +5
Dual Wield - Dual Prowess +6
Dual Wield - Mastery of Dual Destruction +8

Environment Magic - Basics of Environment Magic +5
Environment Magic - Book of Dominion +6
Environment Magic - Master of Control +8

Healing Magic - Introductory First Aid +5
Healing Magic - Book of Progressive Healing +6
Healing Magic - Advanced Healing +8

Heavy Armour - Elemental Impregnability +5
Heavy Armour - Progressive Art of the Bullet Proof Vest +8

Heavy Weapons - Advanced Drubbing +8
Heavy Weapons - ABC's of Heavy Weaponry +5

Light Weapons - Rudiments of Light Skewering +5
Light Weapons - Avant Garde Bladery +8

Light Armour - Thick Yet Thin Armour +5
Light Armour - Radical Light Armaments +8

Lockpick - Maiden Ventures in Lockpicking +5
Lockpick - Open Sesame +6
Lockpick - How to Open Anything +8

Mind Magic - Archmage's book of Mind Magic +4
Mind Magic - Elemental Confusion +5
Mind Magic - The Quest +5
Mind Magic - Mind Magic for Savants +6
Mind Magic - Extreme Mind Magic +8

Persuasion - How to Coax +5
Persuasion - Master of Persuasion (green version) +6
Persuasion - Master of Persuasion (std/blue version) +8

Protection Magic - Rudiments of Invulnerability +5
Protection Magic - Advanced Survival Skills +6
Protection Magic - Advanced Magic Shelter +8

Repair - ABC'c of Gear Repair +5
Repair - Advanced Restoration +6
Repair - Clever Smithing +8

Stealth - Primer of Covert Stealth +5
Stealth - Fortified Furtiveness +6
Stealth - Higher Sneakery +8

Undead Magic - Primary Contagion +5
Undead Magic - Noxious Gases +6
Undead Magic - Advanced Germ Warfare +8

Non-Skill Books:

Abbot Melchior's Journal
Book of Prayer
Book of Snake Venom
Book of Ultimate Pleasure
Brother Joffrey's Journal
Captain's Log Book
Diamond Eyes
Hartwin's Journal
History of the Dwarves of Freymore - Human Dialect
The Bunyip
The Creature in the Forest
The Death of Prince Dru
The Dragon of the North
The Enchanted Knife
The Goblin Pony
The Magical Mare
The Races Vol I - The Rasvim
The Races Vol II - The Etherim
The Races Vol III - The Seiry
The Races Vol IV - The Derth
The Races Vol V - The Nogur
The Unburied Legs
The Story of Hokli and the Dwarves
Your Story

I'm tired, so if you see a typo point it out so that I may fix it please (Note: Armour for Armor is not a typo, it's English vs. American, sometimes I forget and leave out the "u").
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Re: Booklist - HD version (The Quest + I&F)

Postby macatron » Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:18 pm

Wow! Thanks for taking the time to compile that list! Very nice! :D
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Re: Booklist - HD version (The Quest + I&F)

Postby ducksinn » Sat May 20, 2017 3:46 am

Awesome post, thanks. This brings up an interesting question. I've been playing for about two weeks now. I read in one of the guides the recommendation NOT to read skill books until you were over 100%, so I've been saving them. However I feel like I've stalled out. Also like an idiot noob I was storing extra books in a barrel....guess what, didn't visit it with in 7 days so it re spawned and I lost a bunch of books. Oh well I can buy or collect them again I'm sure.

So short skill books right away or save till later?
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Re: Booklist - HD version (The Quest + I&F)

Postby Prickett » Sun May 21, 2017 3:15 pm

If you are trying to be really strong in the end game for higher level expansions, wait. But if you're not planing on it, just read it when you get it.
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Re: Booklist - HD version (The Quest + I&F)

Postby Xose » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:57 pm

Great list!!

I think there is at least one missing book (not available on any shop), the "Book of Dark Sun Energy" (Alchemy +4) that can be found with the Bokor's (the Gravedigger) map.
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