Join the Thieves' Guild and Other Mysterious Man of Phryn's

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Join the Thieves' Guild and Other Mysterious Man of Phryn's

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You will find the Mysterious Man in the Tower of Skryven Keep just west of the village of Phryn.

1. Question The Lord of Mithria:

The first quest the Mysterious Man sends you on, is to question the Lord of Mithria in the basement.

2. Turn on The Center Teleport:

When you get to the city of Mithria, you will be able to touch the red magical barrier in the southeastern area to the teleport. Activate the lever you find there. You will be able to teleport to and from Phryn.

3. The Governer's Necklace:

You will be sent on a quest for the Governer's Necklace. To get the necklace, you need to start in the port of Mithria. Go to the western side where Captain Hanty is. There will be a Suspicious Man there that you need to ask about the Governer's castle. He will ask for $5000 gold. You can get him to do it for a lot less if you have higher persuade. Be ready because he will send you to the Sunken Island as soon as you pay him.

Sunken Island:

When you arrive at the Sunken Island, you will find a hole in the ground that says, "Strong magic prevents you from entering." Find Wawirr he lives on the east side of the house that looks like the letter "H" on your map. He wants you to pay to enter the hole. You'll need to give up 2 points of one of your attributes:
If you're Rasvim, you won't need to pay.

Climb down into the hole. You'll need a rope to cross a gap in the floor. After you find your way to the end, go up the ladder to the Governor's Castle. No one is behind any of the doors. (you may want to save your game or mark somewhere inside because if you accidently go out of the castle...) Go up the stairs to the east wing. Make your way to the end where there's a small door with a guard to the south and a large double door to the north with two guards. Talk to the Palace Guard Captain by the small door and he will give you access to the large room (workroom) across the hall. Get the Governer's necklace and bring it back to the Mysterious Man in Phryn.

4. Kill the Mage Council Leader:

Go to Mithria and find the Mage Council building. It's located in the eastern part of Mithria. If you stand at the large gate in the area where the Mayor's and Governor's houses are, walk east across Mithria until you are at the Mage Council's door. Go upstairs to find the Mage Council leader. After you attack him, he will disappear. Just go back to the Mysterious Man.

Before you start, in the dialogue, if you mention to the Mysterious Man about the items he's after are probably under special locks... He'll give you a couple of scrolls- "Strong Disarm" and Strong Unlock" (they come in handy later).

5. Find the Thieves' Transport:

You'll find it located at the southern shore of Lake Freymore. From Reeyk's door in the Swamp of Reeyk, face north, walk 6 paces, turn east and walk 19 paces. You should now be standing in the middle of the Thieves' Transport. The Mysterious Man will inform you that the door to the Thieve's Guild for you, is the inn to the east side of -----. Find the transport, talk to the leader and take the goods back to the inn in Vastares' Port Quarter.

-Talk to the innkeeper. Ask him about "Goods", then choose the dialogue option, "Stay around until midnight." Exit the inn. As soon as you step outside, two suspicious men catch you and take you to the Thieve's Guild. Talk to the Guild Leader and he will send you on a mission.

Rob a wealthy family in Mithria
When you are transported out of the guild, remember this spot. Touching the lantern on the wall will get you back into the Thieve's Guild. The house you are looking for in Mithria, is directly south of the Mayor's house. The door will be unlocked (make sure you have a lockpick, unlock spell or scroll to get the jewels out!) You can buy a lockpick from the locksmith or you can use the unlock spell or scroll from a magic shop. You may want to have the disarm ability or spell also. After you get the jewels, take them back to the Leader of the Thieve's Guild. He will then give you a key to the Thieve's Guild. The key works on all of the blue doors in there. When you find the red door, you may need to use the strong unlock scroll on it. (My lockpick ability is 50 and it's not high enough to unlock it with a pick). When you get the red door open, get all of the items inside the room and bring them back to the Mysterious Man in Phryn.

Enter the Undead city
Go to the military encampment outside of the city of Mithria. Go to the door that's in front of the hole there. Talk to the Army Guard inside. You should have gotten the Governer's necklace back from the Mysterious Man. You will need to give the necklace to enter the undead city. Talk to Yuaar, the Mayor of the Undead. He will tell you to help his people. When you leave his house, go to the south where the rope is hanging down, then go west until you see a spider web. Cut it and cross the bridge. Go to the northwest corner and pick up the Dark Maul. Cross back over the bridge and go find Marusyma's house.

Find Marusyma's Sister Eleta
Marusyma's house is just south of the inn, next to a spider web. After you talk to her, head to the soutwest corner to find another bridge. You can't cross it because of rocks blocking it. Smash them with the Dark Maul. Cross and find all of the spoiled food and talk to Eleta, Marusyma's sister. Go back to Marusyma's and talk to her. Now, go to the inn and talk to Rotto. He will take rotten food and water from you. You can sell him the rest. Go back to the Mayor and ask about the Governer. Go back to the Mysterious Man. He will then send you to the north-east island for the"Returning". You need to be at least level 14 to be taken there.

Location of the Thieve's Transport!
Stand in front of Reeyk's door. Turn and face north. Walk 6 paces. Now, turn and face east. Walk 19 paces. You should now be standing in the middle of the Thieves' Transport.
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