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Postby Jamie990 » Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:43 pm

Ten Tips to help you survive the quest with most of your sanity intact

1. Use Your Map- Your map is your bread and butter of the quest. it shows where you are in the world and in the local area. Your map is invaluable especially in dungeons for finding your way about. If you cant use your map i.e it's an unmappable area drop items to Mark turns you have taken. Your Map also tells you the game time and day. It can also be used to distinguish what things are walls or cracks and otehr useful stuff.

2. SAVE SAVE SAVE- early on you can be killed easily save after you get to a new area, new dungeon,complete a quest,after you defeat a tough enemy. Also save when you get a quest and use different save slots

3.Tap* and Hit** Walls and cracks drains,windows- there is often items in cracks. that are needed for quests. Same goes with drains and windows. There is fake Walls in some dungeons. They are often different color to the rest of the Walls

4. Make your own potions- Using your Alchemy skill, a morte and peste and ingredients that grow such as flowers, berries and mushrooms you can make your own potions. This saves you money rather than buying them in a shop.

5. Enchant items- there are many items that can be improved by enchanting. You can enchant them in shops or yourself using the enchant spell. How high you can enchant is affected by your environment magic skill the higher the skill the higher you can enchant.

6. Mark + Recall. These are the two most important spells in the quest. The Mark spell allows you to mark a spot so you can use the recall spell to return to that spot whenever you want.

7. Read everything- When you are given a quest often you get a lot of information about the quest and how to solve it. Read it all and if your memory isn't that good or you aren't completing it straight away take a snapshot of the text ( by pressing the lock and home button together) so you have a record of it

8. Re-spawn- Understanding how things re-spawn in the game is important. It helps you to get extra of an item you found lying about if you need/want to. It also allows you to farm enemies for XP and rewards. Enemies and items lying about re-spawn every 7 days ONLY if you haven't been in that area for those 7 days if you have the 7 day counter restarts. Shops stock changes on a daily basis.

9. Always have plenty cure potions on you at all times. you dont want to be stuck with a disease that lowers you hp with no way of curing it. Also carry a good supply of heal and restore mana potions without mana you cant teleport yourself out of danger using the recall spell, and without health potions you will die which you do not want

10. Quest items- In your inventory you will notice that you will probably have some items that names are written in gold. These are quest items, keep a hold of them don't drop or sell them. If they are too heavy put them on a permanent storage shelf for you to collect when you need them. There is a permanent storage shelf in the crypt in the mastras cemetry in the main game

* definition if tap is tapping the object with your finger

** definition of hit is attacking the object with your weapon
You have 20 save slots use them all. Save after every quest, save before going into a dungeon, save, save save!!
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