simple complete list of quests

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simple complete list of quests

Postby imran » Thu May 24, 2018 10:14 am

Hi all
Is there a simple complete list of all quest in the quest. Seen the pdfs and info posted ut none are just a complete list. Dont want a guide or info on quests, just a plain listing, so i can check againt my completed list and see which ones are missing....

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Re: simple complete list of quests

Postby KGold » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:36 pm

There you go. A list of all the missions in the base game. 8-)
Note that it's impossible to have every single quest solved and that it's possible you don't receive a certain quest because of an answer you gave earlier to an NPC, for instance.

Main Mission (obviously)
Agent recruiter's boy
Thurm's quest for the animals
Archmage's gloves
Shaman's three skulls
Find Bolnar for the Cult Master
Repairing Borgh's armor
Brom's potion and wine
Exorcise the Demon
Demons in the cemetery
Elixir of Youth
Find Rubor's grandson
Find Rubor in prison
Find Marusyma's Sister
The Gatekeeper
Enter the Governor's castle
Find Marisola's Hand Mirror
Enchantress' head
Help Lord Solamar
Holy Chrism
Kill the Eye for the Holy Man
Finding the chest
Kill the Mage Council's leader
Poison the Goblin Chief
Elsibeta's locket
Question the Lord of Mithria
Matras infection
Burgle for Mayana
Enter the undead city
Caves of Silver Peak
Mithril for the Blacksmith
Nadia's potion
Nobleman's inheritance
Old woman's berries
Orc at the bridge
Heal the Outcast
Get a pattern book
Kidnapped Wife
Reeyk's letter and map
Go to the north-east island
Ransom money
Steal the key for slaves' chains
Get Orders for the Slave Master
Find Sohea's mortar
Join the Thieves' guild
Rob a wealthy family in Mithria
Thurm's buried treasure
Bones of St. Vastar
Wovelea's information
Kill the Witch Queen
Uncle's haunting wife
Yann's Book
Destroy the Demon
Treasure Island
Rituals of Ancients for Senera
Rituals of Ancients for Ithulde

Have fun!
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