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Guide for Beginners

Postby Michele_L » Mon Oct 10, 2011 5:56 pm

The "Help" menu will give you the basics of game play. The manual will give you information on choosing a character class, has a listing of all of the skills and what the governing attributes are, status icons, inventory, character detail, and other valuable information.
The best advice I can give for a beginner is to try different character races and classes to see which one is best for your game play. You have 20 save slots, use them!


Don't worry so much about your character class build at first. You'll find and be able to pay skill trainers to raise other skills quickly. Just have fun!
Stick with it! You may get frustrated a lot at first just trying to figure out what to do and where to go. (you'll probably die a lot in the beginning)
Go slowly at first. Try to take on one creature at a time until you level up. You can always be chased to an inn for rest and healing!
Save your game as often as possible in more than one save slot. You may decide you want to complete a quest differently, or a sibling, significant other or a child may erase/save over your game. There's nothing worse than losing all of that work!
Save to your PC using file sharing in iTunes. It's great if you have more than one device or you would like to share/email your game file to someone else.
Hit/tap everything that looks suspicious! Odd colored walls, odd colored rocks, cracks, mirrors and other objects. You never know what you may find. In some of the expansions you may not find much and other expansions you'll find all sorts of treasures!
If you get trapped somewhere, there's always a way out. It may be an open drain you need to tap, a boarded up window, tapestry, lantern, wall or you may need to throw/shoot something across a gap to press a button or activate a lever.

Placing and Using Certain objects:

To use items such as a book, note, repair hammer or mortar and pestle, open your inventory, tap/click on the item then you'll see an icon for it appear in the lower right corner. Tap the icon to read, repair or create potions.
To pick up items from a shelf- tap the shelf then double tap each item or tap the green arrow to remove items more quickly.
To place an item on a shelf- tap the shelf, tap the item in your inventory that you want to place, then tap the yellow arrow to place it.
Removing items from barrels, pots, vases, skeletons and other containers- face the container so it appears to the left side of your screen, then tap it. If there is an item on the ground next to the container, tap higher on the screen above the container to get the items.
Permanent item storage- these are shelves around the expansions that you can safely place items so they don't disappear. After 7 game days, items left around will disappear. Many are marked with a sign nearby. When you finish some of the expansions, you'll receive a house or place to call home there.

Your Map:

In this game, your map will be your greatest help. To open your map, click on the little map icon. The red arrow is the area where you are now. As you move around, the gray areas will become mapped. The name of your current area will be displayed at the top of the map. The game day number and the time of day will be displayed at the side. If you tap the grid icon to the side, it will open the full map of the land you are currently in. When you tap different areas of this map, the names of the areas will be displayed at the top. The little orange flag marks your current location.
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