Skills and Attributes and how they affect the player.

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Skills and Attributes and how they affect the player.

Postby Mayis_GG » Wed Nov 13, 2019 8:14 am

I recently upgraded my alchemy gear and I thought I was receiving diminished results from my new set, so I tested different alchemy skill levels to figure out how the duration and the potency of the potions scale with the Alchemy skill.

For this experiment, I am making a potion of "Fortify Magic" but it seems that the same pattern can be applied to any similar potions ( e.g. "Fortify Melee")

My results are as follows.
Alchemy 100 - 145% 11 Turns
Alchemy 200 - 185% 21 Turns
Alchemy 302 - 225% 31 Turns
Alchemy 404 - 266% 41 Turns
Alchemy 500 - 305% 51 Turns
Alchemy 595 - 343% 60 Turns

I think it's safe to assume that the formula for calculating the potency of these potions fortifies by 105+(A*0.4) % for 1+(A*0.1) turns where A = skill in alchemy.

Also, enchant capacity calculated by multiplying the environment magic skill by 3.

Where can I find similar formulas on how the other skills/attributes/stats affect the player in this game?
For example
  • Light/Heavy weapon - How does this affect damage?
  • Heavy/Light armor - How does this affect AC? Does it affect anything else?
  • Block - How does this affect AC? (having a hard time figuring out how this affects defense, but for sure it's much more effective than heavy armor when taking hits from the front and has no effect without a shield)
  • Accuracy - How does this affect damage with bows/crossbows/(also throwing weapons?) (this is better at improving ranged weapon damage than the Light/Heavy weapon skill associated with the weapon, but by how much)
  • Dual wield - How does this affect damage while weapons in both hands?
  • Attributes (Str, Dex, End, Int, Per) - These have many effects
[*] AC - By how much does this reduce incoming damage taken?

Sorry for the wall of text, any info is appreciated.
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