The Quest Guides Part 4: Level 4-6 Quests

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The Quest Guides Part 4: Level 4-6 Quests

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A collection of lost guides from Playhaven, focusing on the quests around the first town (Matras).


Kidnapped Wife

Find Lord Bogar's kidnapped wife at the robbers and bring her back to him in Matras, opposite the Mayor, for half of the ransom money. The robbers have a nest in the Robber Forest, southeast to the village.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: Short
Possible Paths: 1
Recomended Level: 4+

Start the quest here

Note: This quest is inter-linked with the quest 'Ransom Money' You can only solve one of these two quests. You will have to fail one of them. It is wise to decide before which quest you would like to solve and follow the according guide. This quest is the 'Good' route.

To start this quest, you must talk to Lord Bogar in Matras. His house is directly south of the Mayors, as showen in the picture to the left. Talk to the lord and tell him you will help him find his kidnapped wife.

Step 1 - The Lords Wife And The Robber.)

Walk south out of Matras to 'Robber Forest' If you uncertain how to get there check the map of Freymore. In 'Robber Forest' you will find three huts. In the eastern most hut you will find the Lords wife. When you talk to her she will tell you she does not want to return to the Lord as she is happy living in the forest with the robbers. To complete this quest you must also talk to the Robber Leader in the northern most hut. You will recieve the quest 'Ransom Money' Here you will be given the choice of which quest you want to complete, 'Ransom Money' by going back on what you said to Lord Bogar and agreeing to help the Robber Leader by getting the Ransom, or continuing with this quest, 'Kidnapped Wife'.

To continue with this quest, choose the following options when talking to the Robber Leader:

- "About the ransom"
- "The Lord wants his wife back"
- "I promised the Lord and I want the wife"

When you say this you will: FAIL the Ransom Money quest. Note it is vital that you fail the Ransom Money quest as otherwise you will not be able to complete this quest. The Robber Leader will threaten you. When you exit the convosation you will be attacked by several robber enemies. Kill all the robbers and return to Lord Bogar in Matras. Talk to him and choose the option:

- "Yes we have a deal..."

Step 2 - Getting The Wife Drunk)

He will tell you that she will be easier to pursuade when she has had something to drunk. He will give you a potion of mushrum to give to his wife. Head back once again south of Matras to 'Robber Forest' and give the wine to the wife, she will drink it and declare herself "Yours for this night". Head back a last time to Matras and talk to Lord Bogar. He will thank you and reward you. Quest Complete!

Fame Increase

Written by JoeTheQuestFansite


Ransom Money

Visit Lord Bogar in Matras, opposite the Mayor, and pick up the Ransom gold for his kidnapped wife. Deliver the money to the Leader in the Robber Forest.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: Short
Possible Paths: 1
Recomended Level: 4+

Start the quest here

Note: This quest is inter-linked with the quest 'Kidnapped Wife' You can only solve one of these two quests. You will have to fail one of them. It is wise to decide before which quest you would like to solve and follow the according guide. This quest is the 'Evil' or 'Bad' route.

To start this quest, you must talk to the robber leader in 'Robber Forest', south of Matras. His hut is the northern one, as showen in the picture to the left. Talk to the robber leader and tell him you will help him.

Step 1 - Robber's Ransom)

The robber leader will tell you that he needs you to collect the ransom for a Lords wife who they have kidnapped. The Lord lives in Matras. Head north to Matras and talk to Lord Boger. His house is directly opposite the Mayors. When you talk to Bogar he will inform you that his wife has been kidnapped and you will start the quest 'Kidnapped Wife'. Here you will be given the choice of which quest you want to complete, 'Kidnapped Wife' by agreeing to help him get his wife from the robbers, or 'Ransom Money' by choosing these options when talking to Lord Bogar:

After Receiveing the quest Kidnapped Wife:

- "About your wife"
- "Nope, I want the money, right now"

When you say this you will: FAIL the Kidnapped Wife Quest, Receive a Fame Decrease and commit a Crime. Lord Bogar will curse you and give you the ransom money. Note it is vital that you fail the Kidnapped Wife quest, as you will not be able to complete this quest without failing it.

Step 2 - Returning To The Robber)

Head out of Mastras, beware of the guards at the exits of the village. As you have commited a crime, you will have to pay 100G fine to leave the village, it will be more gold if you have commited any extra crimes. Head south again, back to 'Robber Forest'. Talk to the robber leader again, give him the portion of the ransom money he asked for. Quest Complete!


1000G From the Ransom
Robber Leaders Bow

Written by JoeTheQuestFansite


Orc At The Bridge

Remove the Orc from the bridge at the Pagonda so little Marisola can go fishing. Tell her mother, Nadia, wife of Thurm, in the Peninsula that the Orc is gone.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: Short
Possible Paths: 2
Recomended Level: 4+


To start the quest you must have completed the Marisola's Hand Mirror quest. The quest is received as soon as you give the mirror back to Marisola, There is no way to decline it.

Step 1 - Starting)

When you give back Marisola's mirror, she will tell you that she used to go fishing at 'The Pagonda' but now she can't as there is an Orc that stays there. She asks you to remove the Orc. To get to 'The Pagonda' walk directly south of Matras for a while. Check The Pagonda's location on the world map and you should be able to make your way there quite easily.

Step 2 - Osman the Orc)

At 'The Pagonda' walk towards the roofed bridge. On the bridge you will find Osman, Talk to him and tell him he has to move. He will refuse to move but also refuse to fight you. There are two paths to remove Osman from the bridge.

Path 1 - Paying Osman To Move)

If you have 500G or more when you talk to Osman you will have the option to pay the Orc to move from the Bridge. This option will not appear if you dont have 500G or more. Tell Osman you will pay him, we will take the gold and dissapear from the bridge.

Path 2 - Finding Osmans Idol)

If you don't want to pay Osman or you don't have 500G or more when you talk to him, he will ask you to find his idol that drifted downstream. The idol can be located at the point shown on the map below. Please note, the square that the arrow is on, is the square you stand on and the square coloured red is the square you tap/click. You should recieve a message about obtaining the idol. Return to Osman on the bridge at 'The Pagonda' and give him the Idol. He will then leave.


Step 3 - Informing Nadia)

Head back north towards Matras and then north again to the peninsula. Here you find a hut and a woman standing outside called 'Nadia' Talk to Nada and tell her you have removed the Orc from the bridge. She will reward you. Quest comple

Nadia's Ring

Written by JoeTheQuestFansite


Phalon's guide to killing the cyclops (low levels only)

So the Cyclops is located in the dungeon of blood, you need to kill it for the shamans 3 skulls quest. First, buy a create food spell book and learn it. Second, make 10+ live waters, lastly you attack, then walk up the stairs and rest whenever you get low health. This guide is only if you have no money:)This is my first guide so please don't leave bad comments. Happy hunting:)

Written by Phalon


Repairing Borgh's Armor / Water Caverns - Dungeon Walkthrough

Part 1 - The Quest

Starting Location: Dark Pine Forest / Lake of Brendan
Difficulty: Very Easy / Moderate
Length: Very Short / Short
Possible Paths: 1 / N/A
Recomended Level: 3 - 4 / 5 - 7
Recomended Items: Apprentice repair hammer / Resist poison / Cure poison

This is an incredibly easy quest that might render considerable returns for your efforts. This guide will be split into two separate sections. The first part will walk you through the Repairing Borgh’s armor quest, while the second part will cover the related optional dungeon, the Water Caverns.


Before heading out to find Borgh in the Dark Pine Forest, make sure to have an Apprentice repair hammer for the first part of this journey, as well as a few Resist magic potions. You should also make sure to have a decent stock of spells, potions, scrolls, or wands to resist and cure poison, as well as shield for the second part. It is also a good idea to have learned the Recall or Town portal spells, or having their scrolls or wands, as well as being propperly Marked to a safe before entering any dungeon. You can make a quick escape this way if things get too dangerous.

This quest is not available to the Lite version of the game as it sits just beyond the invisible barrier.


Travel on the road directly south of the Pagoda you previously visited during the Orc at the bridge quest. Orcs, Orc Chieftains, and Orc Shamans patrol these forests often, so be sure that your character can handle these foes before heading out in search of Borgh. The shamans in particular might prove a threat with their potent Magic Missile spells. Drinking a Resist Magic potion before you enter the area might be prudent.

Borgh the Lonely Knight

Dark Pine Forest

Turn west as soon as you walk over the Dark Pine Forest zone line, and weave your way through the trees until you come across some equipment scattered about on the ground. If you wove the trees correctly, you will first see a Cheap long bow followed by a couple more turns to finally find Borgh the Lonely Knight surrounded by a few other items (Small wooden shield, Helm, Padded leather armor, and Mace). You should pick all of these items up as they are not needed in any part of the quest and can be sold for a quick coin. Be aware that Borgh will not appear during night time, but the items will still be on the ground around his spawning location. Simply lay a resting tent, and the knight will be up in the morning.

Now that the hard part is done, simply talk to Borgh and follow the dialogue. He will explain that his equipment is too damaged after battling the Orcs in the area for him to take another step, and will ask for your help to fetch him something to repair it with. He will promise to give you something special he looted from the battle in return for your aid. You will receive the Repairing Borgh’s armor quest once you accept to help him out. Note that Borgh will simply disappear along with his quest if you choose to rob him for the special item after he requests your help, making you loose some fame in the process as well as locking you out from the Water Caverns forever. So make sure NOT to rob this chivalrous knight!

If you bought the Apprentice repair hammer before heading out, you can give it to him right then and there to complete the quest. You can quickly run to town and get him the hammer from the blacksmith if you did not grab one before heading out. Borgh will also gladly accept an Intermediate repair hammer, or a Basic skillbook of repair to complete this quest. The knight will show his gratitude to you by giving you a map he looted from his battle with the Orcs along with an invitation to seek his knightly order in the northern lands of Monares. This map will open access to the Water Caverns dungeon, but it will be the only reward for the completion of the quest.

That concludes the first part of this adventure.


Borgh's map from the Orcs (grants access to the Water Caverns)

Part 2 - The Dungeon

Now that the introductory quest is out of the way, we can jump right to the good stuff, the Water Caverns.
The map itself will give you a single line of text – It shows a secret cave entrance under the Lake of Brendan. To find this entrance, you will have to walk north west from Borgh's spawn point in the Dark Pine Forest untill you reach the Lake of Brendan zone. There will be a small lake in the middle of this zone, and you will find the entrance to the dungeon behind a tree on the western shore of the lake.

Water Caverns

Lake of Brendan


The entrance to the dungeon has no ladder. You will have to take the plunge in order to explore the cave. This will do a small amount of damage, but nothing too significant.

Water Caverns Map

You should immediately cast a Shield spell on yourself as there are two Stone Skeletons in the room you drop into, and an Ancient Skeleton from the south room will join their attack shortly. These shouldn't be too hard to deal with, but try to do it quickly so you still have some turns before the Shield spell resolves.
Heal the damage done by the first wave of Skellies, then turn to the northern chamber. There are three Skeleton Warriors in this room, but you should still have a few turns before Shield spell resolves. Make good use of this by eliminating them as quickly as possible.

From the northern chamber, You will now turn your attentions to the western tunnel. This is where most of the dungeon's loot will be. Simply hack your way through the webs and the Skellies still in the area, making sure you pick up all the items from the walls. You will reach one last item in the south-western chamber that will play an important role at another room if you do not have any other ranged weapon in your inventory. Make sure to grab the Magic dagger from the last point in the tunnel.

The next room might be dangerous if you did not bring protection items against poison, or are not careful enough to weave your way through the sewage. Drink or cast a Resist poison potion or spell before taking another step. The room where the tunnel opens if cluttered with bubbling sewage that will hit you with a poison cloud when you pass over them. There is no way of avoiding the sewage from this room, but if you don't have any means to protect yourself against poison you can run back through the tunnel to enter the sewage room from the north. You can carefully maneuver your way through the room without passing over any sewage from this direction.

The sewage room is important because it has a locked door at the southernmost point of the dungeon. You will not find any means to open the door at this time. This is because the door is opened by a switch located in the easternmost point of the dungeon. Make your way to the starting room, and take a turn east. Dispatch the lone Skeleton Warrior in the room, and focus on the far eastern wall. There is a switch at the end of this tunnel, but the way is flooded and blocked from you reaching it.

Here is where the Magic dagger you picked up earlier comes in because the switch can be flipped by any ranged weapon (spells will not flip the switch). Simply eqquip the dagger and shoot at the switch once. This will open the locked door to the south where you can pick up a few more items, but more importantly, hit another switch at the far wall. Flipping this switch will open a hidden wall on the eastern room.

You will find that two Skeleton Captains have replaced a wall on the northern edge of the east chamber. The tunnel they defend is the exit tunnel for the dungeon. You will see a portal platform at the end of the tunnel, but the portal is not activated. There are smaller chambers to each side of the portal, each blocked by green energy fields. One of these chambers holds the Tomb of the Dark KNight, but the room itself has nothing of value.

However, the chamber oposite to the tomb holds a Skeleton General. There are two bright green flags at the side of each chamber. The switch to open the force field is hidden behind these flags, so all you need to do is tap on the flag and the room will open. Once you defeat the general, you will find one last switch in this dungeon. This switch will activate the portal for you to finaly escape into the Abandoned Swamp, but don't leave without picking up one last piece of loot, the very valuable Unholy twisted rapier!


You just cleared the Water Caverns.


Monster - Level - Quantity
Stone Skeleton - 3 - 3
Ancient Skeleton - 4 - 1
Skeleton Warrior - 5 - 6
Skeleton Captain - 6 - 2
Skeleton General - 7 - 1

All monsters and wall items in the dungeon will respawn after seven game days.

Written by Matapiojo


Shaman's Three Skulls

Find three skulls for the Shaman in the Dungeon of Blood: The skull of Saint Seyna, last seen around Matras' cemetery, the skull of an ogre leader, somebody trades with it in Matras, and the skull which is guarded by a creature in the Pit of Blood.

Difficulty: Easy
Length: Medium
Possible Paths: 1
Recomended Level: 5+

Start the quest here

To start this quest you must talk to the shaman Oyo who can be found in the Dungeon of Blood, the entrance to which can be found on the map to the left. When you first enter Oyo's room you will receive a couple of messages describing Oyo performing a ceromony. Talk to Oyo and he will tell you to look in all the mirrors. Go around the room tapping/clicking on each mirror. Each mirror will descirbe a monster. Talk to Oyo again and he will ask you if you want to help him. If you wish to complete the quest, say that you will.

Note - If you tell him to "Go to hell and kiss your minions' ass" then he will attack you and you will not be able to complete this quest.

Step 1 - Oyo's Plan and The Skull of Blood)

Oyo will tell you he needs 3 skulls for the 'Physical' part of the ceromony and give a brief description of each skulls whereabouts. The first skull is in Oyo's workroom, guarded by a monster Oyo has no control over. Head to the north of the Dungeon and down the stairs previously blocked by a magical barrier to the 'Pit of Blood'. Here a cyclops will attack you. I recomend you are at least level 5 for this battle. Kill the cyclops and he will drop The Skull of Blood.

Step 2 - Skull of The Ogre Leader)

For the second skull leave the dungeon and head to Matras. Go to the Magic shop and ask Ithulde about spellbooks. She tells you of a Pawnbroker in the Port Quarter and to tell him that she sent you. Go to the southeast cornor of the port and talk to Ichi the pawnbroker in his shop. Ask him about the Ogre skull and he will tell you that he will sell it to you for 500 if you can get a spellbook named 'The Book of Fire' from Oyo for him. Head back to Oyo and tell him the Pawnbroker asks for the book. Oyo will give you the book. Head back to Ichi and tell him you have the book. Make sure you also have 500G on you as well. Ichi will then give you the Skull of The Orgre Leader.

Step 3 - The Skull of St. Seyna)

(Note - You will need to have started the 'Matras Infection' quest to enter the dungeon as otherwise the ladder will not be there)

For the last skull head to Matras cemetery and head down the ladder. Got to east of the cave where you will find a crypt. On a shelf with The Skull of St. Seyna, you can just simply take it. You can also tap/click on the coffin on the far right to fight a ghoul, but if you are a low level this is not recomended as the ghoul does not drop and vital items.

Step 4 - Delivering the skulls and reward)

Head back to the Dungeon of Blood and talk for Oyo for the final time. He will reward you with 3 books he calls the 'Carriers of Knowledge'. He will also briefly mention a gate. This is a reference to a later part of the game. Keep playing to find out more! Quest Complete!


Book of "Master Alchemist's Codex Book III"
Book of "Magic Blitz"
Spellbook of "Recharge Wand"
1500G (2000G if you are a Rasvim)

Written by JoeTheQuestFansite


Thurm's quest for the animals

Kill the Archers in a cave near the River of Brendon

Talk to Thurm in his hut, which is Northwest of Matras, after you have talked to Nadia. Ask if you can help him. He asks if you talked to Nadia, and he asks you for a favor. Say yes, and he tells you someone has been poaching the deer and animals, and he thinks it is the Archers. He tells you of a cave, an "Amazon Cave", where the queen resides, near River of Brendan. He asks you to find out more, and he will give you a reward.

Then: Go to the River of Brendon, which is southwest of Matras and and the Abandoned Swamp. Follow the east side of the river and you will find a hole with a ladder in it, which is the Amazon Cave. Climb in, and get the book on your right. Go talk to the Amazon queen in the back of the cave. Tell her you came for the farmer, She tells you not so fast, think about the situation. You and her, male and female(if you start out as a male, I have yet to start out as female). She says that they can do enjoyable things together, She tells you to admire her body, and its yours. She tells you to forget the farmer, and be her king for a night. If you tell her All right, You spend an exceptional night, and she tells you stories, and you fall asleep in her arms. Your Accuracy skill increases by 5, your health and mana restored, and 50 coins. You are forced to leave, and the Queen tells you that you were welcomed, but to forget the cave, if you come back, they won't be gental and that Human sinews make good bowstrings. I suggest you take this root, because you get your stats raised, some things for your inventory, and then go back in the cave and fight them. You fight 5 archers and the Queen. When you win, you get a book, a key, and 200 coins. Go to the west room and open it. Get the key and all the stuff on the shelfs, Then go to the east room and open it. Talk to the farmer and tell him "Your daughter sent me". He thanks you, and he is going home. Ask why they captured him, He tells you it was because of his books, and that their shaman who made their arrows died a few days ago. They took him because they wanted him to teach them a recipe for a deadly snake venom extract that would make their arrows more deadly. He hid the book in his hut, and that if you go see him, he will give you a copy of the book. You have solved the quest.

Thurm's buried treasure quest has started
Item of Thurm's half map
Fame increased

Written by MattQx


Quick Guide to Finding Osman, the Orc's Idol

You'll find Osman at the Pagoda. You can pay him gold to move or you can find his idol. Stand directly in front of the Orc and then go 9 paces to the west and one pace south. Tap the grass.

Written by Michele Laconto
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