The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Guides and walkthroughs.

The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Sylon / Redshift » Sun May 06, 2012 12:15 am

A collection of lost guides from Playhaven, focusing on the quests around the second town (Vastares).


Corey's Guide to the finding the Nobleman's Inheritance

Finding the Nobleman

To find the Nobleman in Vastares, head out to the city centre, then enter the big castle to the south. Walk right up to the end of the hall and enter the door. The Nobleman will ask you to find his inheritance and arrest his father’s killer.

The first step

Next, go and find Tyssandenea Ferney, who is in the north of the city centre, opposite the castle. She will tell you to talk to the local jeweller and a Nogur stonemason. First, head over to the north, but before you exit the gate, head two steps west and one step north to find the streetwalker named Lena. She will train you up to level 30 persuade, which you need for this quest. Head out the gates and go north until you are at a crossroads. Head west along the crossroad until you find the Jeweller’s store. Go inside and question her, and she will tell you that she had nothing to do with it.

The second step

After questioning the Jeweller, go to the Port Quarter in Vastares and talk to the innkeeper. He will tell you that the Nogur only lets you visit at night, so wait until night time, then head down the green building that’s connected to the inn, and enter the last door to the south. Talk to the Nogur and he will say he didn’t kill the Nobleman’s father, only stole a few fake jewels. Tell him that you won’t arrest him if he can give you a good idea of who the killer is. He will mention the Jeweller. So head back to the Jeweller’s shop and get her to confess about the Nogur’s claim. Say you will get the treasure chest for her but you want half the gold.

Heading into the Barren Forest

To find the treasure chest, head into the Barren Forest (Not the eastern, western or southern Barren Forests). Once there, look along the river for a hollow tree, but do not cross the bridge to the other side of the river.

There will be a lot of dwarves and shamans to kill so make sure you are stocked up on healing and resist magic potions.

Finishing up

Look in the hollow tree to get the treasure chest. Head back to Vastares and talk to the Nobleman for your reward. You will receive a spell book of Fireball, a Dragon Blade and Champion Plate Mail armour, which is the second best piece of armour in the main game. Then go talk to the Jeweller and she will tell you to get lost, and she will be arrested. After you have done this, talk to Tyssandenea Ferney and say you arrested the killer at last, and then leave.

Bring a letter to the Nobleman's girlfriend

To find the Nobleman’s girlfriend, look in the southern part of the Port Quarter, her name is Shannon Donnen. After you have done so, go back to the Nobleman to get your fame increased.

Written by Corey_The_Deathless


The Bones of St. Vastar Quest

Famous bones have been stolen and they need to be returned before pilgrims find out they are visiting fake bones.


Talk to Abbot Merik in the Monastery of Vastares "About the relics" who will tell you that his famous bones of Saint Vastar are missing and urges you to find them.

Finding the bones

Talk to Sister Irenne in the inner square of Vastares - City Center
She will tell you she stole the bones and has hidden them in the Crypt of the Ferney Dynasty - West Wing
You have the option to turn her in to the authorities. Not doing so will gain you fame.
Go to the Cemetery of Vastares and into the crypt and find the bones in a little leather pouch on a shelf.
Take the bones back to Abbot Merik again "About the relics". You will receive 500 gold and fame.

Written by evildonald


Guide to finding the 'Rituals of the Ancients' in the Sunken Monastery

How to get to, through and get out of the Sunken Monastery in one piece! (Or close to it anyway!)

Talk to Senera the owner of the bookshop in Vastares. She wants you to find the book, 'Rituals of the Ancients'. She will pay you $4000 gp to find it. She will send you to talk to Ithulde the owner of the magic shop in Matras. Ithulde says she will pay you $5000 gp to bring the book to her instead. Get Ithulde to activate the teleport at the Abandoned Pier to the west of Matras cemetary.

Location of the Abandoned Pier

Abandoned One

You may want to save your game before going into the teleport. Get as much resistance to magic as you can (have armor and other items enchanted so you don't need to go through tons of potions)

Go into the teleport. To the east there will be a shelf with potions and a statue that restores health. To the west is a shelf with some scrolls a wand and a statue that restores mana. If you are quickly overcome by the creatures here, try to only battle one at a time from a distance.
Use a ranged weapon such as a bow and magic wands/scrolls/spells. I've found that the 'Harm Undead' and lightning type spells worked best against the creatures. SAVE! Save your game after you kill each creature so you don't have to start over if you die. It's a good idea also to use your 'Mark' and 'Recall' spells and/or 'Town Portal' to get out quick if you need to heal yourself.

You can start in the north or south. There are 'Lost Souls' and 'Abandoned Ones' you will need to defeat. When you head south, there will be a blue gate, go on in. You will see a statue to the west holding a key. Open the door to the west (behind the spider web) first. Grab the key and open the door to the south. Take that key and open the door to the east. Get the key from the shelf there.

Now head down the corridor, past the teleport. Go into the room to the east. The 'chasm room'. Go north to the wall, turn to the west and push the button. Now, step on the switch plate. You have just deactivated some green magical barriers covering shelves full of items in the room to the west.

Go open the blue door to the north and find the switch on the wall to the east and flip it. This will make the first part of the invisible bridge 'appear'. You can go back to the 'chasm room' or the 'green barrier room'.
The 'Green Barrier Room'. There's an 'Abandoned One' straight in to the far side of the room. You can use spells or a ranged weapon to eliminate it. As you move further into the room, you'll notice 'Lost Souls' behind green barriers (you'll get to the other side of these later). If you have wands or spells, this is a great opportunity to take care of the 'Lost Souls' one by one.

Now back to the 'chasm room'. Cross the first invisible bridge to the southeast. Get in the teleport. You are now in the 'green barrier room'. (If you eliminated all of the 'lost souls' from this room, this part will be easier). Flip the switch on the wall to your right. Make your way through the rest of the teleports, flipping all of the switches along the way. After you get out of the last teleport into the chasm room, go to the middle of the east wall and flip the switch.

Now cross over into the 'green barrier room' and flip the switch on the far west wall. This is the 'Unnamed's room'. Defeat the 'abandoned ones', 'lost souls' and the 'Unnamed'. Now, go to the north wall and flip the switch. Next, head to the east and find the switch in that corner and flip it. last, but not least, go to the west and get the book 'Rituals of the Ancients'!

Written by Michele Laconto


Guide to the Exact Location of Sohea's Mortar

Here it is!


Written by Michele Laconto


Archmages' Gloves

Bring the magical gloves to the Archmage named Julius in his ornamental house in Vastares Port Quarter, right above the Fishbone Street - West Wing. Then go back to Bomenor in the Redwood Forest's Lair and tell him what you've seen.

Difficulty: Medium
Length: Medium
Possible Paths: 2
Recomended Level: 10+

Start the quest here

To start the quest head to Redwood Forest and enter the portal that can be found at the location showen on the map to the left.

Step 1 - Starting)

Talk to Bomenor, he is the northen most mage. He will talk of a feud between him and another mage called 'Julius'. Accept the quest, Bomenor will give you magical gloves to give to Julius


Step 2 - Julius' House)

Make your way to Vastares, and then to the Port Quarter. Julius' house is the one shown in the map above. There are many options to enter Julius' room. Whichever path you choose, Julius' will tell you he knows of your plan.

Option 1 - The Window)

To enter Julius' room via the window, wait till night then go around to the back of the house and hit the window with a melee weapon.

Option 2 - Disabling The Barrier by the lamp)

To disable the magical barrier stopping you from getting to Julius' room, first you must press on the mirror in the house, you will receive a message about an image that you can see, then leave and press the lamp that is connected to the house. Not the one directly infront of the door. Re-enter the house and the barrier will be gone.

Option 3 - Bribing Julius' assistant)

(Note 1 - This path requires an extra trip back to Bomenor and a Pursaude level of 30 or higher, so it is recomended that you use another option.)

(Note 2 - There is a bug in some versions of The Quest in which if you have a book from the Goblin Faaghira in Long Spit Village for curing her paralyzed arm you will not be able to complete the quest. This book and the book given by Bomenor share the same item ID, causing the quest to malfunction and meaning you will not be able to give the wand to Bomenor if you use this option. It is HIGHLY recomended you take a different option if you wish to solve the quest)

Please read the notes above. To enter Julius's room by bribing the assistant you must enter the house and talk to her. Tell her you have some gloves to give to Julius. She will say you cannot enter but she will take them to him. Disagree and tell her only you can give them to him. She will still not let you enter. Return to Bomenor's lair in Redwood Forest and tell him the assistant will not let you enter. He will give you a book to bribe her with. Return to Vastares and Julius' house. Give the assistant the book and she will remove the barrier.

Step 3 - Julius' Plan)

When you talk you Julius' he will tell you he knows of your plans, this is unavoidable. You will have the options to:

1) Try and make him put on the gloves anyway - This will make you fail the Quest and be put in jail.

2) Forget the whole thing - This will make you fail the Quest.

3) Take a special wand to Bomenor to kill him - This is the only option you can choose that will result in completing the Quest.

Step 4 - Return to Bomenor)

Take the wand Julius gave you back to Bomenor's lair in Redwood forest. Here you have two paths, from both of them you will solve the quest but the paths have different rewards. See the rewards for each path below.

Path 1 - Killing Bomenor)

(Note - It is still possible to get a small reward even if you choose the second (Lie) option that makes you fail the quest. If you have done this and have saved since, return to Julius to receive a Wand of Minor Resistance)

To take this path, talk to Bomenor and choose this option: "(Lie) He died. Here is his staff for proof" Do NOT choose the option: "(Lie) He thanks for the gloves with this staff as a gift" as this will not work. it is recomended you are at full health before you give the staff to Bomenor as it will also damage you. He will take the wand and all the mages including Bomenor will be killed. Slightly north of where Bormenor stood there will be and item shelf. Bomenor's skull should be there. Take it and return to Vastares and Julius' house. Give him the skull and you will have solved the quest.

Path 2 - Telling Bomenor of Julius' plan)

For this path, when you talk to Bomenor, tell him of Julius' plan. Bomenor will take Julius' wand and give you a reward, see below. You will have solved the quest.


For Killing Bomenor:
Spelbook of Paralysis
Wand of Minor Resistance

For telling Bomenor of Julius' plan:
Spellbook of Infestation
500G (700G if you're a Nogur)

Written by JoeTheQuestFansite


Guide to The Julius/Bomenor Glove Quest

Find the teleport in the Redwood Forest that warps you to the Mage Lair. This is where this quest starts.
Info If you have the 'Mark' and 'Recall' spells, you may want to use them to go between the two areas.

Talk to Bomenor, he will give you magic gloves to give to Julius, the Archmage in Vastares.

Go to Vastares, and find Julius' house in the Port Quarter.

You'll need to get into see Julius and his assistant won't let you in. There's a few ways you can get by:
•You can bribe Julius' assistant- Go tell Julius' assistant that you have some gloves for Julius. She won't let you in. Go back to Bomenor tell him Julius' assistant won't let you in to see Julius- he will give you a book to give her. (You'll need Persaude of 30+). Return to Julius' house, give the girl the book and the magic barrier will disappear.
•Open the barrier by tapping a lantern outside- You need to tap the mirror inside. When you get a message from it, go outside and tap the lamps on his house, one should give you a message. Go back into the house and the magic barrier should be gone.
•In a window- Go at night around to the back of the house and bash the window with your weapon.

When you get in to see Julius, he knows what you are up to. You have a few ways to try and finish this quest:
•If you take a wand to Bomenor to kill him, tell him Julius died and give him the staff as proof. There's a shelf that will have Bomenor's skull on it. Bring the skull back to Julius and the quest clears.
•If you tell Bomenor what Julius is up to, he will take the wand and you fail or the quest stays open (I forgot to check!)
•If you mind your own business and go on your way, you fail the quest.
•If you try to make him wear the gloves, you'll get tossed into jail and fail the quest.

Written by Michele Laconto


Corey's Guide to finding the Rituals of the Ancients Book

Getting the Rituals of the Ancients quest

To get this quest, talk to Senera the librarian in Vastares city centre. She will ask you to go to the sunken Monastary to collect a book for her called the Rituals of the Ancients.

Getting into the Sunken Monastary

To gain access to the Sunken Monastary, you must first talk to Ithulde the Magician in Matras to get her to activate the teleporter in the Abandoned Pier to get you there. Ithulde will ask you why you want her to activate the teleporter. Tell her it's because you are searching for the Rituals of the Ancients Book. She will give you a counter-offer of $5000 instead of the $4000 that Senera offered you. Accept this and she will activate the teleporter. Head down to the Abandoned Pier which is west of Matras and enter the teleporter.

The monsters in there are very strong so I recommend that you be at least level 8.

Getting the keys

Once inside the Monastary head south into the room where the three for one sign is. Pick up the key that the statue is holding and use it to unlock the room behind the spider web. Kill the monster behind it and pick up the next key. Now go into the southernmost room and kill the monster to pick up the second key. To get the final key, enter the last room and you should pick up a blue key after killing the monster. Take it up to the
northernmost door and unlock it. Go up to the barrier and turn right, then flick the switch. You will hear a voice that says: "Have faith through the chasm!" Go back to the crossroads and disarm the gate to your east.

Traversing the Chasm

Enter the chasm, then head north along the edge. Turn to face the west, then hit the switch that looks like a brick. Head down the new passage way and stand on the big round button. Now go back along the edge of the chasm to the far south and face east. Walk one pace east into the chasm and face south. There will be a teleporter there. Enter it, kill the Lost soul inside the little room and flick the switch. Go back into the teleporter and head out into the chasm again. Head one pace east and walk along the path to the north. Walk one pace east into the chasm and turn to face the south enter the teleporter, kill the Lost Soul and flick the switch. Now exit the teleporter and repeat those first two steps until you reach the end of the chasm. Once you reach the end and have been through all the teleporters, walk across the middle of the final chasm and flick the switch. Go all the way back across the chasm until you are back at the crossroads.

The final stage

Enter the other room, kill the Abandoned One and take all the gear off the shelves. Head right up to the end of the room and flick the switch. Now head back into the northernmost room and kill all of the enemies in there. Go to the north of the room and flick the switch and you should hear a mechanic sound from the east. Go to the east and flcik the final switch to get rid of the last forcefield. Now into the western room, get rid of the spiderweb and ick up the Rituals of the Ancients Book. Once you are done head back to either Ithulde or Senera to complete the quest!

Written by Corey_The_Deathless


Corey's Guide to finding the Holy Chrism

Finding Alessandrea Donnen

To find Alessandrea, head down to the cemetary of Vastares and into the left Donnen Crypt. Alessandrea will be standing next to a pentacle, with her father. She will only give you this quest if your persuade is level 30. She will tell you that you need to get her a Holy Chrism for a ritual she is doing by breaking into the church (you have to do this at night time).

Find Lena, the streetwalker in the city centre to train up your persuade level.

You only have 24 hours to complete this quest so once you get it get moving!

Completing the ritual

To break into the church, hit one of the windows with your weapon or tap it to get the Chrism. Once you have it head back to the Donnen Crypt with it. Once you have given Alessandrea the Chrism and have received your reward, do not continue to watch the ritual, as it will decrease your HP.

Written by Corey_The_Deathless


Getting to the Other Dimension from the Abandoned Mine

Finding the Damned Key

Make sure that if you haven't entered this area before that you kill all monsters within the mine.
Than,enter the mine and walk forward until you come to your first right turn.
Goiing down this right turn, there'll be a hole. enter through this to arrive at a hidden section of the mine. Kill the venom bat and Ancient skeleton that first appear.
A dual-weld book is on a stand. I personally suggest grabbing that as a second priority.
Down the available tunnel is two ghouls which can get pretty annoying, depending on your level. Behind the ghouls is a cavern and on a stand is the key.

Going to the Other Dimension

Back to when you first enter the abandoned mine, there should be a second right turn. That leads to where the damned key fits in, unlocking the door. Then, on either side of the hall is a lever. Pulling it will cause a blood ghoul to appear on your left and right side. This will also occur for the other lever.
Now that both levers have been pulled, you can also tap the cofin of the Damned. This will cause the evil spirit of The Damned to attack you from behind. Make sure you're at least level 8. Loot from him will include an unholy undead armour.
The levers should activate a pentagonal teleporter.
The best item i found was an Ancient shield and other stuff, which is kool :D

Written by bloodfeast
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Bryan Miller » Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:32 am

I just wanted to point this out so it gets changed so ppl don't run into the same problem as I did. In the directions for the quest "Archmages Gloves", when it says the options for getting to Julius, it says the third option requires an extra trip back to the quest giver. This should be changed to say you need to make the extra trip back no matter which decision you do. Making the extra trip triggers the other two decisions (touching the mirror and then the lamp or getting into Julius room from his outside window at night) so they work. I finally figured this out after like 20 minutes ha.
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Tanner369 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:03 am

Lol ya same here :D
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Nickus » Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:03 am

Thx for all the guides--they're great. I can't seem to find one for Destroy the Demon or Exorcise the Demon. Am I missing it?
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby wolf3167 » Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:03 pm

Check under the level 10-12 or 13-15 sections.
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Ghastly » Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:19 pm

I cannot complete the noblemans inheritance quest. The woman won't fess up to her crime. What are the requirements? It doesn't have anything to do with me being a Rasvim does it?
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby wolf3167 » Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:25 am

Your persuasion must be high enough. I want to say that the requirement is 26.
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Keizo » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:57 pm

Why is the quest from the holy man not included in the guides? It is found in a cave to the south from the monastary of vastares near the sea. I stumbled upon it by chance when collecting alchemy ingredients and can't find in the guides anywhere.
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Elendil / Redshift » Tue Sep 13, 2016 9:42 am

The original guide writer must have left it out. ;)

Here is a guide for it: ... _Man_Quest
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Keizo » Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:01 am

Thanks. =)
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Nocturnadawn » Mon May 01, 2017 7:32 am

On the Nobleman quest...I've given him the chest and got my loot. But when I go to talk to the gem lady, she says she's dissapointed in me and to leave. She didn't get arrested. I went and spoke to the daughter and I get her saying to go see the jeweler or I have the option to say I did, just ask the nobleman. But it never really finishes it. Is that normal or an I missing something?
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Re: The Quest Guides Part 5: Level 7-9 Quests

Postby Sekhmet » Fri May 05, 2017 1:11 am

Nocturnadawn wrote:On the Nobleman quest...I've given him the chest and got my loot. But when I go to talk to the gem lady, she says she's dissapointed in me and to leave. She didn't get arrested. I went and spoke to the daughter and I get her saying to go see the jeweler or I have the option to say I did, just ask the nobleman. But it never really finishes it. Is that normal or an I missing something?

yeah unfortunately you needed to talk to the jeweler first, and this guide is wrong :/

i used the one ... ance_Quest here to figure out the order of things.
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