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Guide to princess vasilya

Postby Zax-fa » Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:48 am

You get the quest from mr tainik. MARK THE SPOT! Use the teleporter to ezersk. Wait till night, then go to ezersk: north end. IMMEIDEATTLY go left 6 spaces, then go up. The building should be shaped like this:

 walk into it and a lady appears. She unlocks the second tower. Now, go to tmutkaran. Look for a big red square building. Go into it and defeat the ghouls. Go to the second floor, and up to the third. You will need magic resistance and 1-2 fly swatters. Go into the second door you see; walk forward and a dragon apprears. Attack the pillars and they will shatter, allowing you to hurt him. When he is dead, go to the second floor and tap the candles. A passage way will appear. Princes Zabava is in it. Talk to her, then go out of the harem. Find CFSDoc. He will give you a potion. Bring it to zabava, that quest is done. Now go to the srah mountains, tap a brick and the mountain spirit appears. Go left till you see ignatus. Mark the spot. To get the spell book of destruction, go to the Bogatyr cave. One of the statues has it. Reca back to ignatus, give him the spell book and he reaveals a passage with a barrel in it. In the barrel is the mana charger. Go to the ascetics cave, get credit from mr tainik and silvergirl who is in the redshift university. Now, go to ezersk: south end, find a cave their and in it find solovey. He un locks the other tower. Go into one with riddles on paper attached to the walls. The answers are: mole, bryl, and for the next one, I don't remember. For the next part you will need to know the spellspoison cloud, lightning bolt, Mage curse. Attack th monsters with these spells and heal several times to win. Now, go up the stairs and through the door on your right. Talk to vasilya and then exit the tower and go into the other tower. Kill EVERY ONE there and go to princes vasilya for credit. Now go back to the acietics cave and talk to mr tainik. Your done! Hope this guide helped you!
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Re: Guide to princess vasilya

Postby Keltos01 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 3:16 pm

Tap a brick? I cant seem to find any entrance other than that that leads to mdc and rhe shrooms world and dragona forge...
I need the auoer mana charger
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Re: Guide to princess vasilya

Postby Catacomber » Sat Sep 28, 2019 3:28 am

He means tap a secret switch. In the Strah Mountains.
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