Trainee's Lounge and Short Walkthrough

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Trainee's Lounge and Short Walkthrough

Postby Catacomber » Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:32 am

If you are lower than level 30 when you start HOLII, there is a Trainee's Lounge to help you.

Also there is a Short Walkthrough on a shelf outside the Lounge:

After you pick up your side-kick Agent Kolobok (who can give you helpful hints as you explore), use the Trainee's Lounge if you need to or head directly to the Cave of the Ascetics. You get there through a hole in the ground not far from where Agent Kolobok was standing.

You can get some gear from Master Rastepa in the cave. The shelves there have Persistent Storage so you can stash some of your stuff there.

You can get around Lukomorye via teleporters that are in the Cave of the Ascetics. If you need to go back to Freymore, there's a sailor in St. Kilda's harbor.

But report to Mr. Tainnik first before you go adventuring anywhere so you can learn your main missions:

Rescue Princess Zabava: She is held captive by King Ziligd in the City of Tmutarakan-Vyshegrad. He is a vampiric dragon and cannot be killed by normal means. He's been draining Princess Zabava's blood so she will need to be cured before you can bring her to Mr. Tainnik. There is a doctor to the north of Tmutarakan who may be able to help.

Help Princess Vasilisa: You have a few tasks that you need to do to help Princess Vasilisa. She's in her tower in Ezersk-Tower Island. You'll need a key from Solovey the Thief in Ezersk Underground and you'll need to take down the barrier to her tower. Walk around in Ezersk-North End at night and you may encounter someone who can assist you with the barrier.

You need to bring Princess Vasilisa the Everlasting Mana Charger. See Silvergirl in Redshift University in the southwest.

You need to kill the Black Bogatyr in the adjoining tower who wants to marry her and you need to bring her some books that can help her research how to defeat the Tzar's enemy, Kozney the Deathless.

Seal the Abyss: the entrance is in the north of Cave of the Ascetics. To seal the abyss, talk to Princess Vasilisa for some hints. You will need two keys, one from a Bogatyr's statue in the Bogatyr Cave, Strah Mountains and one from a Bogatyr's statue in the Inner Buran Caverns, Buran Pass.

Find and free Prince Ivan: To do this, you'll need to talk with Princess Vasilisa. You'll need to kill the Black Bogatyr for her before she'll talk to you about Ivan. You'll also need to be a knight of the Order of the Sword. You'l need to have some Live Water from Krivda Village in the southeast. Live Water is very useful so go to Krivda Village and stock up on a few.

To become a knight, you'll have to find Lord Martelius in Mad Dwarves' Castle. Before you enter, please save your file. He will send you to the proving grounds where you will need to do some tasks before you can be dubbed a knight.

This is a brief walkthrough to point you in the right direction with regard to the main quests.
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