Just finished The Quest HD

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Just finished The Quest HD

Postby zergzwerg » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:40 pm

Hey guys,

I just finisehd The Quest HD on iOS and I had a lot fun playing it! I'm still enjoying Islands of Ice and Fire HD so far. I just want to share some suggestion, that maybe help to shape the upcoming The Quest 2 (I'm excited!).

First, what I found most confusing on the iOS Appstore, is that there are so many different "The Quest" Apps. There is the original The Quest app, there is The Quest Gold, which contains 3 addons, there is The Quest HD and The Quest - Islands of Ice and Fire HD, the normal version is there too. And then there are the 17 Addons created by Zarista Games, all for the original The Quest app. So confusing. I found The Quest quiet a while ago on the Appstore, but I didn't bought because I simply didn't know which one I should buy. I think that's a big point! Just with the recent discount I did a bit research which is the latest "The Quest" release, after which I finally bought "The Quest HD" and "Islands of Ice and Fire HD". Maybe you should mark that more clearly. Because I think your games deserve it to be bought! I also think the price of 7,99€ for the main game is very fair, I would pay that again.

Second, I think the Gameplay is very good in The Quest! I've made a nice progress, it wasn't too easy, it wasn't too hard, I felt very good playing it! It felt a bit like TES:Arena or Daggerfall, but with a nice unique flair. I can only talk for the mobile version btw, which I think is the best platform for The Quest. It's good you have turn-based combat, I think thats important for mobile games. I also liked some little things like the "Mark and Recall" spells. It's so good to be able to mark more than one place, that always bothered me in Morrowind! I actually also don't know any other gameplay mechanics that bothered me, because I think there were none! But I still got one thing for the wishlist: If you remember the Character screen from TES:Arena and TESII:Daggerfall, where you could see your character wearing the armor and weapons, that would be some awesome thing too have! Because I couldn't identify with my character too much, the character felt very replaceable.

Last is a special iOS wish: Please please make integrate iCloud-Saves, I would love to play The Quest on my iPad too, but I don't want to start over again, Ijust want to go on!

However, thank you again for this great game, I can't wait to see more! I'm excited either for upcoming HD expansions or for The Quest 2! Keep on!
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Re: Just finished The Quest HD

Postby Elendil / Redshift » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:15 pm

First, thanks for your kind words! We are honored. (And happy that you've enjoyed the game. :))

The Quest 2 will not have so many versions. We intend to have DLCs as in-app purchases.

There are reasons The Quest ended up the way it is, I won't recount the story here. ;) In any case, I'll rename the apps on iOS in the near future. The Quest HD and Islands of Ice and Fire HD will be renamed to The Quest and Islands of Ice and Fire, so the game will be called the same on all platforms. The old versions will be renamed 'classic' (for example The Quest will became The Quest Classic, and so on).

I'd like to add iCloud support to the iOS version, however I just don't have the time. I might add it in the future.

You don't need iCloud to play the same saves on your iPad, however. You can copy over the saves yourself! Here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4624
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