First Impression of HD remake + notable changes

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First Impression of HD remake + notable changes

Postby pohdoh » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:12 am

Hiya just wanted to make this post to discuss what I personally liked and disliked about the HD remake. The Quest is done with updates so this is just here to discuss what I hope still stay in The Quest 2 and what i hope is changed.

Also as a warning, I am biased towards immersion, complicated mechanics, and high difficulty so that is my priorities lie. Hopefully there isn't a large conflict of interest between what i value and what other people here value.

1. Aesthetics

I heard that the dev team are very involved in the art and it shows. Overall, the artwork is excellent and fits well with the art direction of the original game.

I love the new cyclops, mistress, dwarf, and orc sprites.
I was worried since sometimes HD remake artworks lose their ironically aesthetics because the developers try to make them look as realistic as possible or try to make them look as graphically impressive as possible. The environment looks great as well and the character portraits for basically everyone is stellar and tbh are objectively better than the original. The new effects for spells and whatnot are also great. The old blood effect was laughable along with some of the other spell effects. They look fitting and crisp now.

I especially loved the new item artworks. One problem I had was that some of the items in the original were especially blurry and it made alot of the times look identical to others. The original weapons looked even worse while the character was holding them. I still do have a problem with almost all the weapons still are the same while the character is holding them. Its a huge bummer when swords look drastically different in inventory but exactly the same when equipped except for color. But the hd revamp helped the issue alot since at least the equipped weapons look sharp and nice to wield even if there is very little variety.

There are some things i did not agree with. By far my biggest complain is that the dragon sprite looks so terrible compared to the original which was my favorite. The original looks massive, menacing, and disturbingly humanoid. Their attack animations was also top notch showing them lung forward and open their mouth as if they were really spitting a fireball.
The new ones just look cartoony, disproportionate, and silly. Their attack animation is also terrible. I am assuming the devs ran out of time or something since they look so different and so much worse than the other new sprites which are excellent.

Also I do miss the old fireball animation. The old fireball felt like a concentrated and explosive ball of destruction. It felt devastating and the aoe effect made perfect sense. The incredibly sound effect and explosion animation when it hit something went perfectly with the artwork and made the spell feel catastrophic.
I really wished the new fireball retained some of those qualities since it looks like tissue paper that was lit on fire. It doesn't feel like an explosive area of effect spell. At least the old sound effect is still there. Speaking of which, the sound effects and music are all incredible. I couldn't find a single complaint there whatsoever.

2. Guards blocking monsters

It was always silly that monsters could stroll right into town and would stay there all day and night. I do overall like the guard change altho it is rather abusable since you can gather a bunch of monsters and killed them from a distance inside the town. But i rather have the invisible barrier guards instead of the completly useless guards.
I do really wish that the guards actually attacked and became friendly mobs. They could kill the mobs but you don't get any xp for the kill and they could charge you for the kill since you are bringing monsters to endanger the town. I really hope something like this is in The Quest 2.

3. Resistances

The resistance cap of 80% for magic and 95% for the rest was an amazing change. Knowing that i can't get max magic resistance changed the way I geared and progressed through the game for the better. Before I was focused on getting 100% magic resistance to make magic fights a freebie (including the end game fight). Knowing that isn't possible makes me focus more on the many other stats and makes combat with mages much more interesting.

4. Skill cap increased (to 500 i was told)

I haven't gotten to the point where that matters and i don't think I will since I will stop at Fire and Ice. But knowing that the skill cap is sky high allows me to freely read books and not worry about hoarding books. I really hope that The Quest 2 will also have a very high skill cap hitting the max isn't a problem.

As for other stuff that I would like to say for the remake.

things that are eh
-wands even more op than i remembered it. really hope they are reworked in the sequel
-create food very op too. makes rest spammable
-resting in dungeons shouldn't be a thing or should not heal you fully. a bit silly that resting in dungeons is better than resting outside due to rain
-ranged weapons are quite bad. extremely expensive and damage drops off harshly unless you spend a fortune on good arrows. would be fine if you could recover arrows and could craft arrows but oh well
-more types of stores would be nice. its convenient how much stuff the blacksmith has but it makes me forget the rest of the town.
-unlimited gold for the shopkeepers is also a bit too handy. limited gold supply would be a great incentive for players to travel.
-lack of economics is also more apparent. if sold repeated items, shopkeepers should offer less money for each since they already have it or they could just refuse to buy things.
-restoration makes heal magic obsolete lol.
-mind magic is basically worthless minus a few quests and gimmicks. think powerful spells like recall/mark should go here to nerf environmental magic
-enviro magic is way too polarizing. its invaluable but only because of enchant and mark/recall somewhat. But mostly enchant. Hopefully enviro magic is reworked in Quest II.
-think the mana cost to skill level is a bit too harsh with attack magic. makes a casting attack magic character very difficult and require so many mana pots.
-light armor is a bit underwhelming. low ac and not a substantial increase in enchantment strength especially in late game.
-AC should not be an enchantment in armors. kinda defeats the purpose of having heavy armor when you could have a cloak that gives you that. I personally believe that AC should be a stat exclusive to physical strength of armor and not magic related.
-poison is terribly weak. really is a waste of a mechanic since its so neglible in terms of damage.
-paralysis is too strong on mobs. they can't heal themselves and are completely helpless to paralysis. overall i hope that paralysis is reworked since idk how it can be balanced for mobs without making it obsolete.
-disease is too weak. a few pots and i don't have to worry about it ever again. also not sure how it can be fixed but as of now its a nuisance and nothing more. diseased arrows and weapons are basically worthless.
-resting shouldn't heal full every time regardless of food. food (and environment) should play an impact on the restoration of health and mana.
-gold should have some carry weight and there should be a storage system early on. a bank would do wonders for immersion and npc interaction
-stealth, lockpick, and disarm are all useless because of magic and lack of benefits. stealth/pickpocket falls off so hard, and lock/disarm are useless due to enviro magic. hopefully stealth has more tangible benefits like being able to avoid monsters or reducing monster aggro radius.
-zero benefit to having a low reputation or commiting crimes. its such a hassle to avoid guards and would wish that guilds like the thieves guild only accept players with low reputation or many crimes. or maybe have monsters like thieves and highwaymen less likely to attack players of low reputation. hopefully a crime build or a true thieve build is more feasible in The Quest II.
-wished that persuade had more tangible benefits beyond just finishing a few extra quests. maybe having shop keeper economics tied with persuade somehow
-also hope that the quest 2 will have larger cities and a true metropolis. something similar to daggerfall with mobs like thieves that randomly spawn inside them.

things i really think should be kept
-was opposed to enchant suits and whatnot but i changed my mind. its a very unique mechanic that i don't see in other games and i think it adds more to the game than takes away. although i think its a bit too powerful now, its overall a great and organic aspect of the game.
-repair mechanic and armor/weapon degradation is immersive and makes sense. i hope it remains a major aspect of the sequel
-no regeneration is a must imo. i really hope the sequel does not have regeneration since this mechanic makes fights and preparations for trips so much more important
-jail removing skills is also awesome. makes people actually fear going to jail.
-the general tone and art direction. especially the sound effects. they sound brutish and harsh just like how a medieval rpg should be
-there is probably alot others since i do immensely enjoy this game but can't think of them rn. ill trust the devs that they know what made the original game fun better than i ever will lol
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Re: First Impression of HD remake + notable changes

Postby Elendil / Redshift » Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:45 am

I think we've already met. ;) Welcome! Glad you've enjoyed the game and we'll surely try to make The Quest 2 even better.

As for the graphics "dev team": that's just Sylon. :D He drew both the old and the new.
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Re: First Impression of HD remake + notable changes

Postby pohdoh » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:21 am

Elendil / Redshift wrote:I think we've already met. ;) Welcome! Glad you've enjoyed the game and we'll surely try to make The Quest 2 even better.

As for the graphics "dev team": that's just Sylon. :D He drew both the old and the new.

Lol one man army. Was the new sprites in the Zarista expansions also from him or from old assets in legacy or older games?
Also caught a daggerfall texture lol (the lion wall decoration) :P
i was watching a daggerfall unity video and randomly noticed how familiar it looked lol

Also few other thoughts from playing the game more.

Im not sure how poison resist works in this game.
When i get poison resist to 95% using magic, i will resist the poison traps and poison attacks just fine. But not poison spells like poison cloud. The witches will poison me almost every single time even when poison resist is high. Maybe the poison spells go by magic resist or something because their spell poisons me like 80% of the time it hits.
Its really annoying since it does like no damage but prevents me from resting so i have to keep drink cure poison potions lol. I hope poison resist will affect how much damage you take from poison along with the chance of poison. Currently i have no incentive to increase poison resistance knowing that i will get poisoned at max resistance anyways and i still take almost no damage from it.

Enchanting items makes them disproportionately more expensive to buy and sell or at least in my opinions. I knew enchanting made items more expensive but not that much more lol.
It makes arrows incredibly expensive since all the high tier arrows are enchanted so they end up costing a fortune even if i don't want the effect but just the damage.

Also another weird thing is how the witches are now old but their attack sound are of someone young. (like the archers) Don't think it would bother anyone except for people like me that remembered their old sprite lol

I also wish that there was a good way to get around the world without using mark or recall. Ports are okay but its expensive and only gets you to major cities. I am crossing my fingers for a carriage system in the Quest 2. That along with banks, taxes, supply/demand, more survival aspects, and a ton of other things. Hopefully i am not setting myself up for disappointment zzz
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Re: First Impression of HD remake + notable changes

Postby Sylon / Redshift » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:12 am

Yep, I'm the one man army. : ) And yes, you're right, I'm also not proud of the new dragons. Those (and the ghouls) were the last monsters in the line and I had to hurry. Sorry about them. : ) Now for TQ2 I have a plenty of time so no more excuses. : )
As for Zarista expansions, some of those monsters are mine, some not. (And some from older Legacy assets, yes.)

Don't worry, everything will be better for TQ2. Both the graphics and game features/mechanics. Yes, it will have larger cities, and yes, even a metropolis. : )
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Re: First Impression of HD remake + notable changes

Postby pohdoh » Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:59 pm

Sylon / Redshift wrote:Yep, I'm the one man army. : ) And yes, you're right, I'm also not proud of the new dragons. Those (and the ghouls) were the last monsters in the line and I had to hurry. Sorry about them. : ) Now for TQ2 I have a plenty of time so no more excuses. : )
As for Zarista expansions, some of those monsters are mine, some not. (And some from older Legacy assets, yes.)

Don't worry, everything will be better for TQ2. Both the graphics and game features/mechanics. Yes, it will have larger cities, and yes, even a metropolis. : )

Well at least the ghouls looked fine to me :D
and i remembered that i liked the random animals in the expansion like the tiger, squid, wolf, spider, and the infamous moles. Seeing exotic animals was a nice departure from the normal orcs and thieves you find in rpg's. Will the Quest 2's mainland be larger than the original or about the same size?

And more thoughts as i am plowing through fire and ice
-wish my house had a bed or more furniture lol. granted all i ever do is store things and enchant things there but still.
-the power spike is rather enormous once getting to the first town. spent the first hour or so buying much better gear, enchanting it all, and increasing my levels with trainers. I probably came out with a 40-50% stat improvement lol. i know the quest 2 expansion is far away but i hope when it comes, they go slower with the new gear and trainers
-really like the environment and how the fire island looks so far. the hd lava texture is a give improvement over the old lava which looked like red water lol.
-the notification telling me i lost health after i step over lava is rather annoying. i wish there was a way to turn it off since in the fire dungeon, there are places where you have to step over 4-5 of them lol
-crossbows are great and very fun to use. bolts are nicely priced and do decent damage relative to my melee damage. but one strange thing is how bolts have 150 enchant storage but the arrow/bolt enchantments are very limited and only go in intervals of 100 :(
-so far i really miss the villages that the original game used to have. the new area is nice but feels empty since its mostly wasteland and xp grind.
ill post more when i get to thule which shouldn't be too long
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Re: First Impression of HD remake + notable changes

Postby pohdoh » Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:11 pm

Just about finished fire and ice and got a feel for how late game leveling is again. A couple more thoughts about balancing and how skills/attributes play out at higher levels

1. I really wish personality had more tangible benefits beyond a skill cap limiter. I like all my attributes being balanced but every time i put points into personality, it feels like a huge waste compared to endurance, intelligence, and dexterity. Even strength had its merits as I was using a crossbow which was a heavy weapon. Would be nice if personality increased magic resistance or had some other combat function somehow.

2. I am really iffy on the idea of full restore potions and potions that heal all statuses. I really think those should be craftable only at max level and require copious ingredients since its pointless to raise alchemy any further once you can make those.

3. I feel as if the alchemical plants could be expanded on more. I didn't like how they were all equally expensive and there wasn't really any rare or expensive ingredients. It would be really cool if there were ingredients that were very expensive or very rare in the world. I suppose some plants like torsal root and travelers friend were hard to find but they weren't that expensive and alchemists sold it on a regular basis. Farming and plant seeds would also be a worthwhile addition along with this :)

4. Stores really do refresh their inventory too fast imo. Makes it too easy to stockpile on one type of item just by spamming rest.

5. Attack magic should increase the damage to mana ratio as well as increasing damage. The increasing mana cost makes free casting attack mages quite bad and makes a ton of spells basically unusable. Fireball and poison cloud are both spells with .5 damage per mana which is horrendous and makes them basically worthless since it costs so much mana. Burning hand and magic missile are the best at 2 damage per mana but they do so little damage in the end game.

6. Its really easy to stall in combat. I don't mind the turn based system but it does have quite a few exploits that can make combat trivial. Multiple points on this
-the player shouldn't be able to indefinitely run away. maybe a cool solution is to make monsters move multiple times per turn if the player moves too many times during combat. Kinda like a fatigue system so running away would mean that you will be taking damage along the way if you do it too long.
-monsters are super predictable in movement and behavior. would be nice if there were some mobs that tried to run away or had varying patterns of movement instead of charging at you every time. Maybe have mobs that paralyze and run if they are about to die or mages teleport away to another location.
-larger view distance is great for immersion but also means i can see every monster coming my way. maybe having random encounters or ambushes in the wild would be a cool idea
-would be nice seeing monsters fight or interact with each other especially in combat. have mages heal other nearby monsters or archers spend time to surround you properly if in group combat. this could give much more character and life to monsters. you could see militarized orcs do a proper surround and have good formation while barbarians don't bother with that and always charge. things like that would go a long way to make combat more fun.

7. Monster loot should be determined the moment you enter a dungeon. I found myself saving before killing a monster and reloading if the loot wasn't that good despite telling myself i won't do that because the loot difference doing this was astronomical. Especially in the later dungeons where rewards ranged from 10 gold plants to 5000 gold drops.

8. Think that the stores sell way too much enchanted gear and high end items. Kind of strange how poor villages stores somehow have 5-10 expensive enchanted items. It becomes a problem in the late game when you see the same items again and again because almost all of the top tier enchanted gear are available for sale all the time. Also trivializes enchanted armor when i think they should be treasured.
I would make enchanted light armors more rare and enchanted heavy armor very rare in the shops. Village blacksmiths will typically only have 1 enchanted items available and what kind could depend on the shop. Specialized sword blacksmiths could have a higher chance for a good enchanted sword and there could be different types of tailors as well. Tailors could have more which would give more advantages to light armor wearing players.
City blacksmiths (and shops) could have more enchanted items available but at a noticably higher price than villages. Would add another cool economic mechanic to all of this.

9. Enchantment overhaul. I found enchanting to be way too easy and by the end of the game, i was an enchanting factory lol. Some ideas and whatnot.
-Mana costs for enchanting shouldn't stay static and cheap. Enchanting a 50 value short sword shouldn't cost the same amount as a 600 value cloak
-Enchanting is too cheap. Along with shops selling too much enchanted gear, I think its too easy to enchant items and should require additional items like books or staves.
-Enchantments should be learned. Also weird how you instantly learn how to do all types of enchantments. I am a fan of learning enchantments by studying items with the enchantment (which breaks the item in the process).

9. Heavy armor is way too enchantable. I think this is what really makes light armor useless. I would make it so only a few types of heavy armor can be enchanted and at a much lower enchant value than light armor. I think jewelry and cloaks can stay the same since it makes sense they are the most enchantable.

10. Much more enchantable cloth armor would be nice. Would make mage armor and mage gearing different from archer/warrior gearing. As of now, the gearing process is almost identical in the later stages of the game.

11. Really wish there was a way to make significant money besides dungeon crawling and killing monsters. I heard buying property won't be in The Quest II but i really hope you can do other things like
-loan money and gather interest
-buy shops and collect revenue or collect your share of gold each month
-fluctuating market prices so you could buy low and sell high some items like food, arrows, materials, etc

12. Additional crafting systems would be amazing. Especially some way to make additional arrows and bolts. I love the alchemy and repair system already so it wouldn't have to be anything more complex than that.

13. Trainers should be a guild specific thing or something that is much more rare and require good personality or persuade. It got way too easy to boost all my skills to 70 in fire and ice as soon as i got to the first town.

14. Feel like the repair system could be tweaked in a few ways too. For example, broken items should take significantly more hammer durability to fix while repairing slightly damaged things should barely take any durability at all. Just to reward good maintainence and to make durability of a weapon more important when buying or picking up items. Also had the idea that durability should not ever go to max except with blacksmith or high repair skill. Feel as if it should be easy to get a weapon to "good" quality but difficult to get a weapon to "perfect" quality

Anywho thats whats on my mind so far. Ill be finishing the other quests in fire and ice and see what else i think up of
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Re: First Impression of HD remake + notable changes

Postby Sylon / Redshift » Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:59 pm

1. Q2 will have no "personality" attribute - instead we made a few others. : ) (I also thought that personality was a little useless in Q1.)

2. As far as I remember alchemy is useful even after you learn how to craft full restoring potions. But in Q2 it will be better balanced of course. : )

3. Yes, Q2 will have some very expensive and rare ingredients.

4. It's not a bad thing, but will think about that in Q2.

5. In Q2 the whole magic system will be more polished. : ) (And much-much richer.)

6. In Q2 the combat will be realtime, not turn based. Also of course the monsters will have much better AI.

7. It's not a very bad thing but will think about it for Q2. : )

8-9-10. Yes, there will be an enchantment overhaul in Q2. : )
Also as far as I remember the light armor is more enchantable in Q1. At least this is the way I planned to make it in the base game and in its official expansion. So the armor/weapon with the biggest enchantment storage in the game is a light armor/weapon.

11. Yes, there will be some other ways in Q2 for making money. But you gave me one more good idea now - just wrote it in my todo list, thanks!

12. Additional crafting will be in Q2. : ) (And fishing, hunting, etc.)

13. Yes, in Q2 there will be a whole large guild system with trainers.

14. OK, we'll develop the repairing system further in Q2. : )

As you can see, we'll not make any notable changes for Q1 (we just do bugfixing nowadays), but most of your thoughts or ideas are already planned for Q2. But thanks for all the useful comments! If you have any more ideas for Q2, please post them in the Q2 thread so they will not lost and I can always keep an eye on them during the development.
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