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PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2021 6:40 pm
by Blaczero
I am getting the error I haven't marked a location when I try and recall.

How do I do that?

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 30, 2021 7:59 am
by Elendil / Redshift
You have to 'mark' a location with the 'Mark' spell.

(You can find the Mark spell the same way you found 'Recall'. Don't worry if you haven't found it yet. You can also use 'Town Portal', ships between the major ports or just walk. ;) )

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 01, 2021 3:24 am
by Prickett
The magic store in Matras has the best odds of selling the Mark spell. Inventories update every in-game day, so save right before you go into the shop for the first time of the day. Then you can reload a save if she’s not selling it. Repeat until she sells the Mark spell.

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 02, 2021 2:00 pm
by Blaczero
Thanks for the replies.

I am already level 6 and still have not found the book. Driving me crazy. I've been to the 2nd town too.

I'll give the magic shop trick a try

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 11, 2021 4:07 am
by Snakes101
Go the port in matras talk to captain verra
He can take you to horde 1 mark and recall
Are at the port of pontiniakh 1 is in a barrel and the other is inside lobby of the tailer there’s a couple
if shelves in their should be on one of them
Also in the port tap on the statue there if your not on
Level 13 that statue give it to you there is a ship there to that will take you back to the main land but before you
do all this save your game first just in case something happens

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2021 3:37 am
by Snakes101
Sorry about the typos