The Tower and a few other things

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The Tower and a few other things

Postby alpal » Tue Feb 27, 2018 6:29 pm

I know it looks like this expansion board hasn't been frequented much lately, but I thought I'd try my luck with the helpful Redshift community.
I'm finishing up this expansion and I have a few remaining quests that I can't seem to make progress on.
The main one is the Tower, where I am trying to find and free catacomber. I've made it past the Shakespeare part, and now there are skull heads on the wall, one of which takes 100k gold when you touch it. I can't seem to make progress past this point. What am I missing?

Additionally I'm stuck on Ratilda's golden jewels (found 6, do we have a location list for these?), as well as Louin's hill emerald (what's a hill emerald even? lol). - Edit - found the emerald, in a bush in the south-west portion of the Great Pine forest.

Any and all help is appreciated - Thanks!
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Re: The Tower and a few other things

Postby alpal » Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:27 pm

Just to update in case anyone else comes along:
I made it past the Skull head on the wall which takes 100k by tapping it repeatedly. After several times (~500k-1M gold paid) it will give you Tower Pass 4.

This, as far as I can tell, enables a few extra walls to be tapped, opening additional passages.

One, in the far south east (directly south of all the floor spikes) opens a corridor that leads to 4 switches and an upstairs/downstairs.
Flipping all of the switches seems to enable entrance to the upstairs ssection, which has 3 wall ornaments and some archers that are blocked by force fields/pillars. Tapping the 3 wall ornaments moves one of the pillars allowing you to kill the archers then proceed past them, where there will be a tappable wall obstructing a barrel, in which there is a key. As far as I know at this point that is all there is on this floor.
Heading now into the lower floor of the dungeon, there are 3 gates, one of which seems to be able to unlock with a lockpick. Continuing past this gate there is a door which is openable with the key obtained upstairs. Past this door is Catacomber, who asks for a fish.

Additionally, I noted in the far east of the tower (slight south east of the section that you fall into from the main room) I tapped a wall which opened up a large room with multiple enemies. These were all kills. This room had a tappable wall in the south side of it. No significant findings here, as far as I can tell.

That's where I am now. Not sure how to get the fish cat is asking for or how to proceed otherwise. I've been tapping walls everywhere.

Still stuck on Ratilda's gold jewels as well.

Any help is appreciated!
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Re: The Tower and a few other things

Postby alpal » Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:16 pm

Made it past Ratilda’s jewels somehow. I’m not sure where I collected them all but it must have been in the course of regular questing/exploration.
Found a list after the fact:
If you can't locate all of the jewels, here's where they are.
3 are in a drain in the Missing Mountains near Silver Mine entrance.
3 are in a drain behind Ratilda's house.
3 are in a drain in the Magic Mountains near the Gold Mine entrance.
3 are in the drain on the side of the Old Man's house in the Lava Field area near the Magic Mountains.

My last quest is simply to free Cat. Still stuck on the fish and completing the guard tower.
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Re: The Tower and a few other things

Postby alpal » Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:44 pm

Finally got to the bottom of this, using the waybackmachine, I found an archived version of catacomber's website that contained Michele Laconto's guide to the Tower. I swear, the lengths I went through to solve this quest was it's own quest. :lol: Anyway, it appears I was stuck on using the wall cutter (didn't put that one together - duh).

The guide is as follows:
Michele\'s Guide to The Tower (CivilStriker\'s Lost Archipelagos)

This will help you to find and save Cat once again!

This quest is the second quest that you\'ll receive from Sphinx67 in the Illegal Guild of Murderers.

Find the tower in the Pinsinira lake - Southern shore area. Keep knocking on the door until the guard comes out. The door will be unlocked now. You may want to \'mark\' a spot outside the front door. You can\'t \'mark\' inside, but you can \'recall\' out.

You\'ll need to find the Tower passes to open walls. When you first enter, go west and tap the light green section of wall that you see. The first \'Tower Pass\' you\'ll find on the pedestal near the statue at the end of this area. It will open the wall directly opposite the wall where you entered. Tap the wall. (across from the shelf). Walk forwards towards the pile of gold that you see.

You\'ll end up in the \'Teleport Room\'. Go out the door and head south. To get the items off the shelf ahead of you, you\'ll need to tap the wall to the west just before the patch of grass that teleports you. Then you need to tap the next section of wall to the south.

If you step on the grass, you\'ll be warped to another room with pillars and and fountain of oil. (watch out for the cracks on the floor here). Shoot two arrows or knives out across the gap to the south in this room (after you eliminate the bat in the way). Sections of invisible floor will \'appear\'. When you walk out on the invisible bridge as far as you can go, you\'ll need to throw/shoot towards the east. Again, walk as far as you can go and throw/shoot towards the south, then when you walk as far as you can again, throw/shoot towards the west. Throw/shoot one more to the south to complete the bridge.

When you make it across, you\'ll need to tap the flags in the right order: flags - yellow, blue, red, pink. The wall will open. Look for the short section of wall towards the north. Tap it a few times until it opens.

There are switch plates inside. Step on them in this order - northeast, northwest, sotheast, southwest (step on them a couple of times). A shelf will appear with the second \'Tower Pass\'. It will open a wall outside of the \'Teleport Room\'.

Go back to the \'Teleport Room\' and go west when you exit out the door and tap/hit the wall. The \'Tower Pass 2\' will open the wall beyond that. When you find the skeleton on the ground near the sign that says something about Shakespeare, you\'ll need to cast the \'Oil Touch\' spell out across the chasm.

You may need to enchant items with Fortify Mana to be able to cast the Oil Touch spell.

The wall to your left will open. (I had to enchant items with fortify mana to be able to have enough to cast the spell). When you go into that room, you need to tap all of the items in order to make the Shakespeare poem. This is the order -

1. blue pillar
2. Painting
3. Pillar with torches
4. Green flag
5. Lantern
6. Pink pillar
7. Gold and white pillar
8. Stone pillar
9. Mirror
10. Solid gold pillar

A section of invisible bridge will appear. Cross it. Follow it and tap the wall to the north. Look for the face on the wall. Tap it until you receive \'Tower Pass 3\'.

The faces across from the Shakespeare Room are not the ones you tap (you lose HP if you tap these) You need to follow the passage and open a wall to find the other face.

Head back to the beginning area where the green section of wall opened. Head west then turn to the south to use \'Tower Pass 3\'. Follow this corridor until you get to the room with the four switches. Flip all of them down. You can head upstairs or downstairs.

If you go upstairs, and around the corner to the north. You\'ll need to solve the puzzle of the red discs to get through the magical barriers. Tap them in this order: Northeast - northwest - middle. The pillar between the two barriers will be moved. To open the door here, you\'ll need strength of 200+.

You may need to enchant items with Strength to be able to open the door.

Inside this area you\'ll need to walk north and tap the sections of wall that are sticking out to find a barrel with the \'Tower Dungeon Key\' inside.

Go back down the stairs and then down into the dungeon. Pick the lock on the gate to the west. Go inside and tap the wall to the north. You\'ll see a bone gate. Open it and you\'ll find Cat behind the door there. She will give you \'Tower Pass 4\' and she will want you to bring some fish.

If you find the door is locked, it means that you probably don\'t have the quest from Sphinx67 in the Murderers\' Guild yet.

Go back to the area near the \'Teleport Room\' where the grass teleports you. Don\'t step on the grass! Stand in front of it and tap the wall to the east to use the \'Tower Pass 4\'.

Open the gate inside and eliminate all of the beasts. One will drop a weapon called \'Wall Cutter\'. Go inside this area head as far south as you can go. Go 3 paces to the west and tap the wall to the south to open it. Find the \'Cumin\' on the ground. You\'ll need to be carrying this to defeat the Master of the Tower.

Return to the area of the tower past the spike traps in the floor, statue and the pedestal that you found the first \'Tower Pass\' and \'Oil Touch\' spell book.
Use the \'Wall Cutter\' in the corner area near the statue. Eliminate all of the creatures in this area. One will drop fish. Bring this to Cat.

Return to Sphinx67 for your reward.
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Re: The Tower and a few other things

Postby Ellderr » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:42 pm

Just wanted to say thank you very much and ask for some help on killing the dwarves and finding the gold gems, I’ve found the silver mine and the two quests to get into the gold mines from the league of murderers and the elf oracle but I still can’t get very deep into the magic mountains or kill the guards there or find the gold mine, any helpful hints?
I cannot get into the lava fields either
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