Questions about the Map Editor

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Questions about the Map Editor

Postby Iacobus » Sat Jun 19, 2021 5:46 am


I bought Legacy for PalmOS 1 or 2 years ago, and I am now creating a new adventure for this fantastic game.
I have been working in one of the maps for about 2 weeks, but there is something that I cannot make it work propertly.

Basically, the next questions:
1) When the player moves from map A to map B, I want the player to start in map B facing towards a specific direction, for example, facing towars the west. But I don't know how to do this. The player always starts facing the north, no matter what. This happens with all the maps that I create (currently now just 3 small maps). I compared myus maps with the original game maps, and although apparently everything looks the same, the player doesn't face in the direction that I want whenever he or she enters the map.

2) I want the adventure to be playable ONLY if the player has the original full game, that is, not just the demo. He must purchase Legacy and register in order to play. I found out that maps with the name as "XXXX_demo", can be played in the demo (unregistered) game, and maps without "_demo* cannot be played with the demo game. My question is, as I purchased Legacy for PalmOS, is it possible to obtain a registered copy of the game for Windows 98, that allows me to test the maps propertly? Even when I can test the maps with the demo version, I will need to change later all the map names to remove the "_demo" from the name. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but I am planning to create a very big adventure with a story based on a Chinese fantasy novel, and it will involve many maps. Also, naming all the maps as "_demo" will basically allow to play without purchasing the original Legacy.

3) For the sake of my life, I cannot make the map to appear the connection in Decrantes, that is the city that I specified for the connection. Basically I created a map, then, I added a "position" object with the name of the map (as indicated in the manual of the editor), then I added a teleporter object, etc. But for some reason, the map doesn't appear in Decrantes teleporter. But, when I tested with some other adventures made by other people, they appear fine. I compared with these other maps, and I cannot find the reason why. So temporarily, the only way I have to test the things in-game is to rename the original "Legacy.pdb" to "Legacy.pdb.old" and then call my adventure file as "Legacy.pdb". This is fine for testing, but not what I want as a final product.

4) Is it possible to change the introduction scene that appears in Legacy when we start a new game? I would like to add my own custom images and story text, if possible.

5) Is it possible to offer the adventure that I am creating as a paid expansion or paid adventure for Legacy? I mean, is there any legal requirementsm, any TOS or something where it specifies whether we can sell or not our adventures, and how, or under what terms?

Well, that is all for now. I have a few other small questions, but maybe for some other day.

Thanks a lot, and take care.
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