FAQ about Zarista Expansions

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FAQ about Zarista Expansions

Postby Catacomber » Sat Jul 08, 2017 3:06 am

We made a new expansion for The Quest HD--Thor's Hammer. We've ported Hero of Lukomorye I to HD. The work is very hard and the testing takes a long time because of changes. We're not going to be able to port more than two expansions probably a year. So if you want to play our older expansions through, you are better off staying for now with the Quest Classic. It all depends on what you prefer.

It's not only hard work for us. It's very hard on our testers who have a life outside The Quest. So this is our schedule.

Possibly before Christmas--Celtic Rift.

Next spring--Hero of Lukomorye II.

Next fall--Celtic Rift II.

This is what we always did in the past--two new expansions a year. Of course then it was easy to make new expansions, but to port them is very, very, hard and I have to buy all new HD graphics.

Please support us and continue to buy the Classic version. Thanks.That helps us be able to afford the new graphics we need to make the HD version. : )
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