Arcane Duel

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Arcane Duel

Postby Tremor » Mon Apr 01, 2013 4:12 pm

I read time ago this thread:

So I decide to make a game like the cards game in Legacy.

After a lot of work, this is what I finally did:
(I link the images because they are a bit big for this forum's width)

You can download it here:

Game is quite based on Legacy cards game, but some things change.

It is a quite early version, so don't expect great graphical effects.

The game is played as follows:

You have a random deck, and your opponent too.
The aim of the game is to win the match by either reducing your enemy health points to zero, or by making him to run out of cards in his deck.

Each turn you can play a card, like in Legacy cards game.
Once you click the card you want to play, the enemy will play a card, and you can see the card he played in the central part of the board.

I'm sorry, but right now, there are no animations until the game AI is perfect and everything is working as intended.

Right now, comes the differenced with Legacy cards game:

You can summon a companion (some cards are a "summon xxxx" creature).
Companions are placed in the right part of the screen when summoned. They will help you by attacking the enemy and defending you from the enemy companion, so for example, if you summon a Hound companion, and the enemy doesn't have any companion, your companion will harm the enemy player, but if the enemy has a companion, the damage dealt by your companion will be deducted from the enemy companion instead.

Another small difference is the defense, curse and poison statuses, which can affect both you and your enemy, and you can check by the three colored icons near your deck or your enemy deck.

Defense is a permanent status (unless dispelled) that will decrease the magical damage dealt to you (i.e. damage from spells or magic-based enemy companions), so a defense of 1 will make a fireball to deal 1 less damage.
Curse is the opposite of defense. All damage deal to you is increased by the curse amount you have. Note that Curse affects ALL damage, magical and non-magical, so physical attacking companions will deal more damage too!!! You can remove cure by dispelling it as you would with defense.
Poison is a temporary status that will deal some damage over a certain time. But you can cure this poison with some spells.

You can move the mouse pointer over the status icons in you or the enemy for more info.

Right now, you can toggle fullscreen mode by pressing "F12" in your keyboard, and press "D" to restart the game.

Actually, there are a total of 34 different cards.
You can see a list of all card with a brief description here:

In addition, the way I coded the application (if you want/need the source code, just let me know) it is easy to add new cards and effects, so any idea would be appreciated.

As for new versions will come, I will add new features, like shapeshifting (i.e. Vampire/Human/... like in Legacy cards game), but also to allow to build and use custom decks, as well as custom decks for computer AI and schools of magic, companion skills and some other improvements.

I hope you enjoy.
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Re: Arcane Duel

Postby noobpod » Mon Jul 22, 2013 7:43 pm

This is really cool. My only complaint is that the health should be increased. Matches can end in under a minute with only 40 hit points.
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