THE QUEST: Awakening Pt. 1

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THE QUEST: Awakening Pt. 1

Postby Unknown_Z » Wed Feb 15, 2012 11:25 pm

More to come by the way... Little fan thing made by me :) Listen though, this is written in my perspective of the quest... Typos may occur due to auto correct!


The man looks up at the sky, his eyes glistening with curiosity. "They are coming...", the man muttered to himself. The strange man knew he did not have much time. He knew he had to find the one before his plan crumbled into ruin. He had to find him... He had to.

----Chapter 1---- Dawn

Bob looks up into the sky, thinking to himself. It was dawn, the beginning of a new day, a new adventure, more challenges. As he studied the sky, a strange old man walked up behind him. The man was old, but he had the aura of power around him. He wore a strange hat, close to what pirates wear, but he wore nobleman clothing, and a sword was tucked at his side, ready for use whenever help was needed. The old man placed his hand on Bob, which startled him. Bob turned around to come face to face with the man. "Hail, I am, but a messenger of the high king, Lord Mersant. I have travelled great lengths to find you, for you are quiet elusive for someone of such youth. You will make a fine Agent..." Said the messenger in a strange tone. " What?!? You are some crazy old man! Why would I want to become a 'agent' anyways?!?!" replied Bob fiercly. The messenger reached into his pocket, pulling out a paper and a sword. "Take these. You will need them." said the man, tossing the sword and handing over the paper. "The sword is mithril of highest grade, from the iron knob mountains of the region Cursed. The paper, is a personal note from king Mersant himself, which only you can read. Break the seal to read it." The man says. "Also if we ever meet again, my name is Bryl." said Bryl while he walked away into the Dawn. Bob unfolds the note, breaking the seal, and begins to read.

"Dear Mr. Bob,

My name is king Mersant. If you are reading this, you no doubt met Bryl, my most loyal Kingdom Agent." Kingdom agent! Thought Bob, dropping the paper in shock. "Yes, no doubt you were surprised, Bryl always was a humble one, claiming he was but a mere messenger of me. Anyways, I write this to you to tell you this; you must help us! A strange evil is rising and people a muttering about a "Returning" from another plane! You must go and find out how to stop this evil! I, as king, will also reward you if you do this. One of the rewards is pathetic compared to the other you will receive once you succeed, but I think you will be pleased with your new title as Kingdom Agent. Now a lot may be happening so far, but there is still your home town of Matras to take care of, I understand. Finish all you can in Matras and move to Vastares, the next city closest to your tiny town. There you will find another of my agents, no, he will find you. Good luck, my newest agent!

Your king,
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Re: THE QUEST: Awakening Pt. 1

Postby Unknown_Z » Thu Feb 16, 2012 12:06 am

-------CHAPTER 2: Morning

Bob was momentarily stunned as he finished the letter. "Could it actually be Mersant? What is this awakening? How could I, a lowly peasant boy, become a kingdom agent?!?!" The thoughts buzzed around Bobs head. After finally getting ahold of his thoughts, Bob picked up the letter and tucked it away. Bob also grabbed the sword Bryl gave him and his it, for the guards will think he attacked peasants. Of course, he knew only a couple did that... Like the most wanted in all of Freymor, The unknown Z.

After his mind doddelled for awhile he remembered the mayor had also asked to speak with him on urgent matter. Bob walked away from Wolf's Creek and entered the town of Matras, rushing toward the mayors house, only to hear a loud son from the inn. Curious, Bob walked in and saw the inn keeper was crying. "What's wrong Jose?"
"It's my aunt..." Jose sobbed. "S-She's dead! She died to the infection from that old cemetery! I say we are all cursed!" He sobbed more. "I'm so sorry for your loss, Jose. I have a sword now however, would you like me to investigate the sickness?" asked Bob. " That's suicidal! No way! Not until the mayor gives an official seal that you can go investigate!"
Sobbing again, Jose went off to do his work at the inn.

After the inn, Bob was ever the more eager to talk to the mayor. So Bob rushed through the town and finally made it to the mayors door. Only to find that he was on the south side, and we wanted the north side, which is where the mayors house is. After actually finding the mayors home after two more tries, the mayor gave him permission to investigate, which was exactly what he was about to ask anyways.

After several more tries to find the inn again, Bob swore an oath to use a compass next time. After that oath, he found himself the inn right in front of him. He showed Jose the seal of approval and gave Bob a ladder to go and investigate the the cemetery's dark hole. Following his compass this time, Bob found the cemetery to the west of Matras.


As Bob entered the dark, gloomy cemetery, he noticed some bones sitting out in the open. In disgust, he kicked dirt over the pile of bones. Bad move, the bones came to LIFE! Well, not exactly to life, more like half alive... Bob drew his sword Bryl gave him and noticed that it suddenly glowed immensely! It wasn't just a mithril sword– It was enchanted! In a deep groan the skeleton moved towards Bob, fists ready to destroy anything willing to stand in its path. Bob lunged at the skeleton only to hit in right in the ribs... Except it had no flesh, so the skeleton laughed, taunting Bob. "Youuu made a missstake coming hereeee.... Now dieeee!!!" roared the skeleton, striking at Bob. Bob dodged just in time, quickly sweeping down with his sword, knocking off a bony arm. "Aiiiiieeeee!" screeched the skeleton. "You'll pay for that!!!" Said the skeleton angrily. "I'm sorry, I don't have any gold." replied Bob as he attempted a overhead strike. The enchanted sword, then came down, as hard as lightning. It cracked the skeletons skull open, and the sword seemed to regain some of Bob's health!
"He's dead." Bob said to himself. "Wasn't he already? He-ha-he!!!!!" cried a very old, mysterious man. "Who are you?!?!" I, am what you may call 'A Mysterious Man'. Most people call me that at least. I have been looking so hard to find you! At last I have found you! But we cannot talk here, especially when I'm in this state. Come to my tower at Phyrn... We will talk there... If you survive the way there!" replied the Mysterious Man. Bob pondered on the mans words, but then ignored it when he saw a blazing fire erupt, engulfing the man. After one second, the man was gone.

Bob decided to stick to his main mission, so he walked over to the black hole and examined it. The hole was crudely dug and was reeking with the smell of contagion. Bon quickly made the hole bigger and dropped the ladder down. "Almost a perfect fit." Bob thought as he Descended into the darkness below.


"It has only just begun..." whispers the Mysterious Man into your ear.

(PLEASE NOTE: Next chapter in Part two! A separate post coming soon!)
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Re: THE QUEST: Awakening Pt. 1

Postby Matías111 » Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:49 am

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Re: THE QUEST: Awakening Pt. 1

Postby Unknown_Z » Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:52 am

P.S. I try to keep this as close to the quest as possible... But I will try adding the occasional thing or two not from it
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