Game freeze when hitting guard?

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Game freeze when hitting guard?

Postby ellypagie » Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:28 am

Hiya! not sure if I should be posting this in the expansion forum BUT...

So I'm playing the Lost Archipelagos expansion and I'm at the edge of the Magic Mountains area, just cleared the Lava Fields, and I run into this monster called "Guard" blocking the path. So I try hitting him with my sword, and my game suddenly freezes! I had to restart my phone in order to play the game again since it doesn't close down on its own.

I loaded up into the same place, and tried ranged attacks, magic, even just running up and tapping him. It seems like any interaction with the mob completely freezes the game.... Any solutions to this? I haven't run into any problems until this point...
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Re: Game freeze when hitting guard?

Postby Elendil / Redshift » Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:35 am

First, you could try reinstalling the game, to see if the problem goes away. (On rare occasions, the game files can become corrupted. This is not specific to The Quest, that's just something which can happen on any computer/device). Just save your save files using iTunes File Sharing (, delete the game, then redownload it. If you are playing the expansion in the main game, after you've reinstalled it, enable any expansions which were enabled. After everything is reinstalled, copy back the save files.

If the game still crashes, could you please send us a save file, using which we can reproduce the problem? As close to the crash as possible is the best. Our address:
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