I'm stuck in inventory :( Plz help!

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I'm stuck in inventory :( Plz help!

Postby ALondo » Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:36 am

Hello everyone, so I'm having a problem with the inventory screen and menu buttons. I discovered this problem right away when I went up to a barrel and took what was inside. When I touched the "X" to exit the inventory screen it opens the inventory right back up. If I hold down on the X it will close the inv. screen but as soon as I let go it reopens. I'm running an iPhone 6s on iOS 10. I've tried closing the app, deleting the app, turning off the phone. No fix so far. I have to work around that inventory-closing "X" and open the main menu from the inventory screen, then touch "continue" to get out of the inventory. This happens every time. Anyone responding, I very much appreciate your help and input.

I also had an issue where when I had the inventory screen open and went to click the "X" to close it, the game would think I was pressing the menu button layered behind the inventory screen. In the menu I disabled the "menu" and "forum" buttons but sometimes even though the button icons wetter gone, the button was still there. You could press that party of the screen and still open the menu and forum including when the inventory screen was layered over and covering it. But I can work around this problem. The issue I first stated is the one Id really like an answer for. It's extremely irritating and I probably won't play until I have a fix for it. It's a bummer. Game worked perfectly on my iPhone4 years ago. Please someone help!!
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Re: I'm stuck in inventory :( Plz help!

Postby Elendil / Redshift » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:01 am

This is the way The Quest always worked. There were no changes.

If you tap lightly on the 'X' and not hold your finger on it, it should work.

(Also, it seems in landscape mode even holding your finger on the 'X' and releasing it after the inventory went away won't trigger the inventory again.)
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