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Wait so what do I get?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2021 5:53 pm
by RelicofthePast
Ages and ages ago I was really into the game, I remember being so excited when whichever expansion came out when I got my first iPod touch...
now I felt nostalgic and immediately spend my covid stimulation cheque on purchasing all the expansions that came out since w decade ago

The quest CLASSIC?
The quest????

Which one do I play????
Do both have all the expansions?
I'm so confused

Re: Wait so what do I get?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 14, 2021 9:49 am
by Elendil / Redshift
We have updated the game and renamed the original to "Classic".

I recommend the updated one. ;)

For changes, see here.

Our own expansion ("Islands of Ice and Fire") has been updated too. You can continue in it with the character you've played the main game with.

Almost all other expansions are by Zarista Games. Also almost all have been updated but there might be some differences. They took the opportunity to rework them, some have been changed extensively, like changing the level range they are meant to be played at. They have also created a few brand new expansions. Look here for a list of what's available and the recommended starting levels.

Re: Wait so what do I get?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 1:14 pm
by RelicofthePast
Which version has more extensions, did they release any content that is exclusive to them?

Re: Wait so what do I get?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2021 11:01 am
by Elendil / Redshift
As I said, Zarista did release new expansions (like "Thor's Hammer") for the updated version. If you want the best experience, go with the updated version. (The "Classic" version is for those who are nostalgic for the original graphics. :) )