Customized expansion

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Customized expansion

Postby maxime1147 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:08 pm

I'm trying to create a new race for the player to play.
I can create a new set of abilities for a race, but I can't add any race to the list.
Since the editor is used to create expansions, i guess there is no way to make the game launch a character creation screen either... (?)
If there is a way, let me now.

And if you want to know why I need this, it's because I'm trying to create a "standalone" game with the editor, an expansion using other attributes and skills. (Forcing the player to create a new character, obviously)
I want to create a diferent universe with a different emphasis on the social (or diplomatic) experience.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Customized expansion

Postby Elendil / Redshift » Sat Mar 18, 2017 7:45 am

You can't do that, sorry. The editor is strictly for creating expansions to The Quest. The game is just not set up for anything "standalone". So no new/different attributes/skills/races and there is no way to create the character in a different world. The closest you can get is to set the connecting world to Matras so the player can get to the expansion straight after character creation.

(Usually that also means that they get the main quest, but that can be prevented by exiting the game when Bryl talks to you.)
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