Adding NPCs? And other questions

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Adding NPCs? And other questions

Postby TheObsidian » Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:07 pm

I know where you can manage NPC types and place the NPCs on the map as objects, but I'm having trouble adding special/named NPCs for a test expansion: basically a tiny island with a bunch of houses that you can go in and rob in order to pay your debt collector. There's additional quests that has you running around and people paying big money for their neighbors' items.

I can edit the NPC, but pretty much everything can't be clicked on--even the stock npcs.

Also, how do you enable your expansion in the demo of The Quest to test it out?

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Re: Adding NPCs? And other questions

Postby Sylon / Redshift » Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:25 am

Creating a new npc: first create a new type for it: world/monster types/man, for example, if you want it to look like a walking man. Add a new man here with new id and new name, and add a new npc to this walking man type here (with new id and new name of the npc).
Then it will be selectable from the npc/walking npc menu, so you can place it to anywhere. Then you can add him any dialogues, functions, new face, etc. (Just place one new man to the ground, then select it, edit it.)
If you want an unique person for special quests or any other unique actions (for example, you want to hide him and just him from another place with a script) you also should create an unique object id for him (select the person on the ground, edit, then create a new id at the right upper corner of the edit window).

Enabling the expansion: when you create a new world you have to give it an unique id and name. At the file/properties menu you can modify this name (but not the id anymore) and select the city where it will be connected to. Select Matras, the first city, so then when you copy your expansion to the main game's folder and go in the game to Matras' port, the new destination will be there if you talk with the ship captain there.

I hope all this helps. : )
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