The basics of The Quest Editor

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The basics of The Quest Editor

Postby Jacob » Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:29 pm

After about 2 hours of messing around with The Quest Editor, i have learned lots about it. i suggest that you play around and make stuff too, such as buildings, npcs, or dungeons. It is probally the best way of learning how to use it.

You can download The Quest editor from 'the quest editor' topic, in 'the editor' forum. (There is a download link) Just save it to your desktop. once the file has saved, open it. (IMPORTANT, GET 7ZIP OR WINRAR TO OPEN THE ZIP FILE, OTHERWISE YOU CANNOT OPEN IT.) Once you have opened it, look for 'TheQuestEditor' Application. double click it and run it.
This should open the program. At the beginning, it will be blank. so go to 'file' at the top right corner and then click 'new'
It will tell you to enter an ID,Name,Filename, connect and demo.
In id, put a unique ID, if it is the same as another expansion, it will not work. (E.G. 1234 will probaly be used)
For name, this will be the name of the expansion, so make it good.
Filename is the name of the file that the person will download. it must begin with TheQuest and have no spaces in. E.G. TheQuestAwesomeness
For connect, this is what boat you can travel to the expansion on. Matras,Vastares or Mithria. i would suggest putting it on Matras even if it is a level 70 expansion, (Unless you have the full version of The Quest on PC) Because you can just download the demo and travel there. (You are ristricted, and are not alowed into Vastares or Mithria) but are alowed in Matras.
Don't worry about ticking the 'Demo' box, leave it unticked.
Press 'ok' and your new world will be created.
There should be a menu to the centre-left, with all the 'Building stuff' (I don't know what to call it lol) You need.
At the bottom-left, there will be a screen. this is what the player will see in-game. You can move around with w,a,s,d,q and e
At the topleft, there is a box, with boxes inside it. This is the main editing part.
At the moment, your in a cave map. So lets make a surface map. Go to 'Map' And delete the current map. When you have done that, it should be blank. In-game, on the map, when you touch an area (E.G. Village of matras, and Robber forest). Each of these are 'Maps' and the whole expansion is your 'World'.
Go back onto map, and click on 'Create surface maps' This Will give you a menu
The sx/sy is how big your maps will be. I suggest 3x3, as larger ones (such as 14x14, which the quest uses) Will probally crash the program. Now for base id, Use your worlds ID and Then something after it.
E.G., if my map ID was jaco, it would have jaco_(ID).
You don't have to, but lets say i wanted the ID to be Map1, to make it simple.
I would put in, after the jaco_, Map1. Altogether it would be jaco_Map1
The background (Bg type) is inaccessable areas, so your map doesn't look like it is in a black void. I suggest you use 'bres_water (Water)' This will make your map look like an island.
Bg pal is the colour of the water, i suggest leaving it on default.
It may take some time to load your new map.
Ok, so your map has loaded. If you do not want your map to be covered in water, which it is, on the block menu, select '_set: default floor' and choose a floor, i suggest something like gravel (if you are going to make a town) When you click it, the ground will change. Water is an animation, and takes up lots of KB, so try not to use too much.
now, go to the Menu of 'blocks' and choose '[Wall] Wall'. select a block from there, by clicking on it. Then, click on a box on the top-left map, and press space. this places your block.

This guide is not finished, and i am currently working on it. so check for updates.
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