Rasvim Lore / Races

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Rasvim Lore / Races

Postby Gabriel » Wed Sep 25, 2019 10:16 am

Rasvim are a very interesting creation in TH1, but terribly underdeveloped, with great potential to make them one of the key assets of TH2.

The Rasvim just ARE. The entire population seems to be aware of their existence and have a big distrust of them. Yet, they're invisible besides the undead city which is heavily guarded.

How they came to be? How long ago? After all, they aren't technically a "race", but a "state". They're sentient. They're capable of good. They use definitely EVIL magic... They eat rotten food. They sleep. Why? How? Character portraits are very inconsistent.

Consider this:

- They're cursed individuals. They don't rot, they don't sleep, don't eat, are effectively immortal (but destructible). They're "frozen" in the state that they died, unable to regenerate lost limbs of terrible injuries. Think of someone stuck in leprosy. Cursed for a wretched existence for eternity. They have a force within them (undead magic) that they can summon but it corrupts them somehow. This perhaps could be tied logically to the fact, that the threat in TQ1 is otherwordly / interdimensional.
- The undead city is in fact a refugee camp / leper's colony. Rasvim pop up among the general populace throughout the continent. Most families have a rasvim within them and are forced to deal with it. This may help explain how essentially everyone knows about them, yet they're allowed to dwell among people, buy things and function relatively normally. They may have penalties in shops etc. - but they're somehow tolerated.
- Good rasvim can progress to say - "a construct" form. Think of golconda from Vampire the Masquerade.
- Evil rasvim can degenerate into classic, evil undead who loathe the living.

---- So, not many changes in terms of gameplay, but a big expansion of lore. In terms of graphics, Rasvim should be more visible among the populace. In TQ1 they're little more than a gimmick. Sure, people react nasty to them, but it means little in the end.

If you expand Rasvim in TQ2, you can have a race with a truly unique experience (no sleeping, no eating) with some interesting dillemmas (to degenerate, to overcome the curse).
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Re: Rasvim Lore / Races

Postby Sylon / Redshift » Fri Sep 27, 2019 7:16 pm

Thanks for the comments/ideas, I promise we'll consider them during the development!
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