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Wolf 3167's Challenge Extravanganza

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:41 pm
by wolf3167
Welcome to my challenge run through the greatest game released on mobile devices and one that holds a special place in my heart.

I am starting a challenge run through The Quest, and from the looks of it, this one may be tough. The rules are:
1- If I die I lose. Permanently.
2- All weapons and equipment allowed, so long as it is from the base game.
4- The real kicker- upon leveling up, spend 5 attribute points as usual, but spend 5 skill points (as opposed to 10).
5- Icing on the cake: you have to play as a Siery :)

Victory Conditions:
-Complete the Main Quest

Re: Wolf 3167's Challenge Extravanganza

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:41 pm
by wolf3167
Gimped Challenge Run- Post I
"The Only Time I Will Ever Be Properly Leveled"

I decided to create a character with the following characteristics for my challenge:
Name: Luck
Gender: Female (never done it before, so why not?)
Race: Seiry (as required by the challenge)
Skills: Light Weapon, Light Armor, Protection magic, Environmental Magic (was there ever a doubt? ;)), Accuracy, Stealth

Let's get to it, shall we?

Today I got the main quest and did the quest "Burgle for Mayana" before getting into the meat of the game. I stabbed Mayana and then asked her about work, and she happily told me to try and rob the inn of Matras. I did so, gave Mayana her fair 400g and she cleared my crime records. Now, I spent the remainder of the night at the inn, not wanting to waste 10 minutes of my life walking around waiting for morning.

In the morning I spoke to Bryl in his house and he gave me the main quest. Then I went shopping.
I bought a common pirate falchion, some padded leggings, and a leather cape.

Now, I went to the mayor's house and started the "Matras Infection" quest. I spoke to the innkeeper and headed to the cemetery.

Killed the skeletons outside. No problem.
Went down the ladder, killed some bats, got poisoned, and drank the cure poison potion which had been conveniently placed on the ground.
Cast stone skin, cut a web, and killed 3 more skeletons. Had to drink a health potion, though. Went to the stone room with the coffins, took the Skull of St Seyna, the skill book, and rested. (I wasn't gonna die in the first dungeon and have never really played too much as a Seiry so wanted to play it safe)

I cast stone skin on myself and touched the coffin, expecting a long and difficult fight. With stone skin, I didn't even need a potion! I cut the ghoul down and leveled up to 2, thinking "I'm gimped".
I put my 5 attribute points into:
+2 dex, +2 int, +1 end
+2 light wep, +2 acc, +1 light armor

That's my first post! More soon!

Re: Wolf 3167's Challenge Extravanganza

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 9:49 pm
by Prickett

Re: Wolf 3167's Challenge Extravanganza

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 3:26 pm
by wolf3167
Gimped Challenge Run- Post 2
"Feeling the Pressure"

Let's see how much of a difference having half as many skill points as usual makes, shall we?

I hit the button in the crypt, walked into the storeroom, and took all the loot I wanted. I found a skill book of accuracy, but decided to not read it yet. I also found a wand of disarm, which I kept for the Dungeon of Blood. I even got a wooden round shield with 2AC (as opposed to the 1AC of my last one :)).

On the way back through Matras I picked up the rope from one of the green barrels in the port (I bet 95% of people don't know about that ;))!
I sold my junk loot and talked to the innkeeper, collecting his payment, and the mayor, who told me to come back later. I then spoke to Lord Bogar. Next, I repaired my gear, bought some potions, and slept at the inn before heading out.

I went to the forest of robbers and kicked some ass before talking to Drann. I will make a point of saying that stone skin really can save you! I was fighting a highwayman and losing, so I drank a health potion, cast stone skin, and watched his pitiful attacks barely sent my health bar as I slaughtered him! I even got a spellbook teaching disarm. So much for that wand from earlier!

Level 3!- +2 INT/DEX, +1 END
Skill bonuses: Light Wep +2, Prot Mag +2, Light Armor +1

Drann told me to speak with the leader of the robbers, Oskane, so I did. I accepted his offer, wanting the bow that you receive for helping him.

So I went back to Lord Bogar, got the ransom, and bribed the guards to let me go for 100 gold. I returned to Oskane and gave him 1000 gold. He gave me his bow. I now went into the dungeon of blood.

Opening the first door, I fired my bow and hit one of the robbers in the room ahead before switching to my sword and shield.

I cast stone skin on myself and did the same for the storeroom, clearing it of robbers and looting a repair skill book, a disarm skill book, an unholy word spellbook, an alchemy skill book, and some other miscellaneous junk.

End of Post 2

I realized that this wasn't quite as bad as I had thought, at least so far. I expect things to get worse as I get further and further behind my level, but for now, Quest on!

Re: Wolf 3167's Challenge Extravanganza

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:05 pm
by Prickett
Wolf, I will also partake in this challenge, but I won't post any blogs or stuff, but I'll let you know how it turns out.

Re: Wolf 3167's Challenge Extravanganza

PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:55 pm
by wolf3167
Cool! Have fun! We can share info. I will message you some strategies I've thought up when I get a minute.

Re: Wolf 3167's Challenge Extravanganza

PostPosted: Tue Jul 08, 2014 1:43 am
by Prickett
Alright cool, thanks!