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Governor's castle & pass

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2016 10:46 pm
by murph830
I had my pass to get into the governor's castle at my house. The game did an update or I didn't visit often enough and I lost it. Now I can't get into the castle to complete the game. Is there anything I can do?

Re: Governor's castle & pass

PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:22 am
by Elendil / Redshift
If you kept it in your house, it should be there (no update will change that), as the shelves in your house are permanent. You probably put it somewhere else. ;)

In any case, if you send me a save (to, I'll add a new one to your inventory. Here are the save file locations: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4624