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Horse Bets

PostPosted: Sun Apr 23, 2017 9:51 pm
by Tre101
I heard you can bet on horse races so where do I go to bet?

Re: Horse Bets

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:56 am
by Elendil / Redshift
There is a quest where you can make it so others can bet. ;) You can't bet in the expansion. (Or in the main game.)

Re: Horse Bets

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 10:24 pm
by cloudtirones
You can bet in eldfell.. village of eldfell.. western part.. the door between the opposite of two doors.. i dont know how to upload an image.. just checkt the doors on western part... after you bet and the day of result has come.. you can load the game before entering to change the result of race.. the prize is increasing aftee bet

Re: Horse Bets

PostPosted: Tue May 23, 2017 7:25 am
by Elendil / Redshift
You are right!

I must have not paid it any attention when I played the expansion (betting is not my thing :)). It's a mini "quest" thing, you can bet twice, then it's over.