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Some feedback about the game

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:54 pm
by Xose
Finally, finished all quests, with an old character first (etherin race) and after with an "almost" new one (rasvin one) :)

I've really enjoyed the game both times. The story line, based on the viking attack to Lindinsfarne (the starting point for the viking era) and the idea of several warlords "controlling" different areas is really nice.

The game, as it has been stated, is mainly design for new characters: the opponents, except for a few ones, are not as strong as in Ice&Fire for instance.

Also, the enormous number of trainers (here there are more than in main game & Ice & Fire together!!) allows to increase skill levels very quickly.

But, and this is one of the reasons to write this feedback, it will be a mistake for experience characters to miss this expansion:
There is an excellent option to pick good loot (servile belt, Eledil's fur, defender shield, enchantable rings, etc.).
Also, and although it is hard to raise up levels (with my experienced character I think I've only gained one or two, through the whole game), there are some quest that allows to increase attributes by 3 or 5 (increase attributes is very tough otherwise).

So, my conclusion is to recommend the game not only for the newly created characters but also for experienced ones :D