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Treasure Island/Island of Ghula

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Find Gorjan in the village of Phryn. His house is near the mayor's house. He will give you the map for $1000. Find captain Hanty in Mithria's port near the inn, he's the only captain that seems to know where Ghula, the Treasure Island is. Be ready. You're going to be dropped off without anywhere to get supplies.

Cross the bridge ahead of you that's a little to the northwest. Watch out for the Specters. Go to the northeast until you see a pink building type structure a little to the east. Make your way around to the north side. Go into the entrance. This is the home of the Skull Keeper. Kill him and get the skull. There's a restore health and a restore mana Sphere here also.

When you leave the entrance, go 2 paces north, then 14 paces to the west and then 4 paces north onto the switch plate. Turn and face south again, go 3 paces. Turn and face east, go 26 paces, turn south, go 20 paces (you should be at the Pyramid of Ghula), then go 4 paces east and touch the pedestal. Turn to the west and break the cracked wall to reveal the entrance.

When you get inside, you will be killing mummies and ancient mummies. Go up the stairs into the room with the pillar in the middle. Cut the spider web on the north wall and flip the switch. Go back down the stairs. The pillar to the north in the hallway that you are in has moved. Go down the rope. Find the small button on the wall near the pot. Ignore the teleport for now, we'll get back to it.

Go back up the rope, then the stairs and back into the room with the pillar in the middle. Now the green barrier by the stairs to the south is gone. Go down the stairs and then down the rope. Find the button on the wall by the pot (look south-it's harder to see). Don't worry about the stairs to the south yet, we'll be back.

Go back up the rope and back up the stairs into the room with the pillar in the middle. Another green forcefield is gone. Get the Green Pyramid key from the shelf. Go back down the stairs to the south, and down the rope, then down the stairs and open the door.

Teleports... Step in the one to the east, step backwards to the north to get the items from the shelf. Step north, then east. You should be back at the doorway. Now step in the east teleport again. Now south, east then west. Turn and activate the switch. Go north, north, north and then east to get back to the doorway.

Go back up the stairs, up the rope, up the stairs into the room with the pillar in the middle, then down the stairs to the west, down the rope and into the teleport. Go straight across the room and activate the switch. These doors will close on you if you don't go in the right ones. Go into the open doors on the east side where the blue door is. Get the Red Key and Blue Key from the statue. Open the blue door and the gold door and get the idols from inside. Don't try going through the tall doors on the west side where the gold door is or they will close on you.

Go back into the teleport and the wall will now be open to the south. Place the Brass Idol on the shelf that says, "Holy of Brass" and the Gold Idol onto the "Holy of Golden" shelf. Make sure you activate the switch on the west wall. Go into the teleport there. Now go through the tall doorways to the west. Grab the items off of the shelf opposite of the teleporter (you need to bring these items back to Gorjan in Phryn). Jump into the teleport. You'll end up at the port of Matras.
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